Ming Dynasty Timeline

Ming Dynasty Timeline in Chronological Order

1368Jan 23. Zhu Yuanzhang, founder of the Ming Dynasty, captures the city of Nanjing and declares himself emperor.
1381Zhu Di, fourth son of Zhu Yuanzhang, begins a rebellion against his nephew Emperor Jianwen.
1399Jan 2. Zhu Di captures Nanjing and proclaims himself emperor, taking the name Yongle.
1402Yongle moves the capital of China from Nanjing to Beijing.
1420Sep 28. The Forbidden City is completed in Beijing, serving as the imperial palace for the Ming emperors.
1433Jul 11. The Treasure Fleet voyages, led by Admiral Zheng He, reach the east coast of Africa.
1449Jul 15. The Ming Dynasty defeats the Mongol-led Northern Yuan Dynasty, establishing control over all of China.
1464May 11. The Zhengtong Emperor is captured by the Mongols and replaced by his younger brother, who becomes known as the Jingtai Emperor.
1487Jan 28. The Jiajing Emperor ascends to the throne.
1521Mar 16. Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan reaches the Philippines, beginning European contact with Southeast Asia.
1550Jun 14. The Wanli Emperor ascends to the throne.
1572Jul 28. The Wanli Emperor moves the capital from Nanjing to the new city of Beijing.
1644Apr 25. Beijing falls to the Manchu forces of the Qing Dynasty, ending the Ming Dynasty.