Max Beckmann Paintings

Max Beckmann (February 12, 1884 – December 28, 1950) was a German writer, sculptor, printmaker, draftsman, and painter. While he is regarded as an artist of Expressionism, he denounced both the identity and the movement. In the 1920s, he became associated with the New Objectivity, “Neue Sachlichkeit,” a branch of Expressionism without its introverted affects. Learn more »

Paintings by Max Beckmann in Chronological Order

Self-portrait, 1901 Self-Portrait in Florence, 1907 Sinking of the Titanic, 1912
Self-Portrait as a Nurse, 1915 Self-portrait with Red Scarf, 1917 Self-portrait with Champagne Glass, 1919
Family Picture, 1920 The Dream, 1921 The Iron Bridge (View of Frankfurt), 1922
Dancing bar in Baden-Baden, 1923 Self-portrait in front of Red Curtain, 1923 Portrait of Minna Beckmann-Tube, 1924
Seascape with Poplars, 1924 Galleria Umberto, 1925 Small Landscape, Viareggio, 1925
The Artist and His Wife, 1925 Portrait of Quappi in Blue, 1926 Floral Still Life with Mirror, 1927
Self-portrait in front of Red Curtain, 1927 Black Irises, 1928 Rugby Players, 1929
Self-Portrait with a Saxophone, 1930 Still Life with Candles and Mirror, 1930 Portrait of Quappi in Pink and Purple, 1931
The Little Fish, 1933 The King, 1934-1937 Self-Portrait with Trumpet, 1938
Railway Bridge and Rainbow, 1942 The Actors, 1942 Bar Brown, 1944
Woman with Parrot, 1946 Party in Paris, 1931-1947 Beginnning, 1949
Quappi in Blue in a Boat, 1926-1950 Self-Portrait in Blue Jacket, 1950 Artistes
Columbine The Three Sisters Patriotic Song
Quappi in Pink Two Circus Artists or Snake Charmer and Clown

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