Maurice Denis Paintings

Maurice Denis (November 25, 1870 – November 1943) was a writer and painter of French origin. He participated in the movements, Symbolist and Les Nabis. His ideas were to be found in the foundations of abstract art, cubism, and fauvism. Learn more »

Paintings by Maurice Denis in Chronological Order

Child in an Apron or Little Girl in a Red Dress, c.1889 The Road to Calvary, 1889 Bretons, c.1890
Mother And Child, c.1890 Spots of Sunlight on the Terrace, 1890 The Offertory at Calvary, c.1890
Easter Morning or Easter Mystery, 1891 The Seasons Series September, 1891 The Two Sisters, 1891
Trinity evening, 1891 April, 1892 Beauty in the Autumn Wood, 1892
Mystic Allegory or Tea, 1892 Regata at Perros, c.1892 Rocks at Pouldu, 1892
Sleeping Woman, 1892 The Ladder in the Foliage, 1892 Triple Portrait of Marthe, 1892
Wedding Procession, c.1892 Landscape with Green Trees or Beech Trees in Kerduel, 1893 Jacob’s Battle with the Angel, c.1893
The Muses, 1893 The Visitation, 1894 Virginal Spring (Flowering Apple Trees), 1894
Motherhood, 1895 Martha And Mary, 1896 Noele’s First Steps, 1897
Forentice Landscape, Viale dei Colli, 1898 The Sacred Wood, c.1898 Parisians at the Seaside, Evening, 1899
Woman in Blue, 1899 Young Girl Wearing an Apron, 1899 Homage to Cezanne, 1900
The Meeting, 1900 Maternite, Anne Marie et Marthe a la Bague Ovale, 1902 Panorama of Cassis, 1904
Procession de Fete Dieu, 1904 The Dancers (also known as Eternal Summer, Wiesbaden), c.1905 The Sacred Spring at Guidel, 1905
The Gathering, 1907 Sand Castle, 1909 Paradise, 1912
The Annunciation under the Arch with Lilies, 1913 Yellow Cat, 1915 Self-Portrait with his Family in Front of Their House, 1916
The Return of Young Tobie, 1918 Afternoon in the Woods, 1919 Around a Child with Dog, 1919
Games in the Sand (also known as Beach with Fighters) Noli Me Tangere Visitation in Blue

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