Maurice de Vlaminck Paintings

Maurice de Vlaminck (April 4, 1876 – October 11, 1958) was a French painter. Along with Henri Matisse and André Derain, Vlaminck is considered one of the major figures in the Fauve movement, a group of modern artists known for their use of intense color. Learn more »

Paintings by Maurice de Vlaminck in Chronological Order

Man Smoking a Pipe, 1900 The Gardener, 1904 Sailboats at Chatou, 1905
The Orchard, 1905 Autumn Landscape, 1905 Barges in Chatou, 1905
Portrait of Derain, 1905 The Weighing-Place at Longchamps, 1905 Still Life with Pitcher and Fruit, 1906
The Seine and the Chatou Bridge, 1906 The Bridge at Chatou, 1906 Woman With a Dog, 1906
Chatou, 1907 Landscape with Red Roofs, 1907 Landscape with Red Trees Chatou, c.1907
The Bridge at Chatou, c.1907 Vase of Flowers, 1907 White Sailboat at Chatou, c.1907
Potatoe Pickers, 1907 The Chatou Bridge, 1907 The Table (Still Life with Almonds), 1907
Poplars, c.1908 Sailboats at Chatou, 1908 The Pont de Chatou, 1908
The Seine at Chatou, 1908 House on the Banks of a River, 1908 The Village, c.1909
Beauce Landscape, 1910 Fruit and Flowers, 1910 Landscape of La Creuse, c.1910
Peonies in a Vase, 1910 Still Life Copper Goblets, 1910 Still Life with Pears, c.1910
The Bridge, 1910 The Bridge at Nogent, c.1910 The Flodded Village, 1910
The Seine at Chatou, c.1910 Still Life with Knife, 1910 Wines, Liquors, 1910
Fishing Port, 1911 The Aqueduct at Nogent sur Marne, 1911 The Beautiful Village, 1911
Woman in a Pink Hat, c.1911 The Village, c.1912 Landscape with Three Cypresses, c.1912
Near the Estuary of the Seine, 1912 The Bridge at Chatou, 1912 The Clearing at Valmondoiis, c.1912
View of a Village with Red Roofs, 1912 The Village, c.1912 Village on the River, 1915
Landscape, c.1918 Still Life with Basket of Fruit, 1918 Landscape, 1919
Suresnes, 1919 Landscape from beyond the River, 1920 The Red Tractor, 1956
The Road, 1958 A road Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase
Chatou Restaurant de la Machine at Bougival Snowstorm
Still Life Still Life The Chestnut Grove at Chatou
Vase of Flowers At the Bar Portrait of a Woman
Self Portrait With Pipe Self Portrait Sunset in the Forest of Senoches