Mary Cassatt Paintings

An American painter and printmaker, Mary Cassatt (May 22, 1844 – June 14, 1926) was an impressionist artist who depicted the lives of women, especially of the special bond between mother and child. Deciding early in her career that marriage was not a feasible option, Cassatt never married, and spent much of her time with her sister Lydia until her death in 1882, which left Mary unable to work for a short time. As her career progressed, her critical reputation grew, and she was often touted, along with Degas, as one of the best exhibitors at the Impressionist Salon. She was awarded the French Legion of Honor in 1906. Learn more »

Paintings by Mary Cassatt in Chronological Order

Child Drinking Milk, c.1868 Two Seated Women, 1869 Sketch of Mrs. Currey Sketch of Mr. Cassatt, 1871
Bacchante, 1872 During Carnival, 1872 Portrait Of A Woman, 1872
The Flirtation A Balcony in Seville, 1872 The Mandolin Player, c.1872 A Baby Smiling at Two Young Women, 1873
Head of a Young Woman, 1873 Mrs. Robert Simpson Cassatt, 1873 Offering the Panel to the Bullfighter, 1872-1873
Portrait of a Lady of Seville, 1873 Portrait of Madame Sisley, 1873 Profile of an Italian Woman, c.1873
Spanish Dancer Wearing a Lace Mantilla, 1873 Toreador, 1873 Musical Party, 1874
Portrait of Madame Cordier, 1874 Peasant Woman Peeling an Orange, c.1875 The Young Bride, 1875
Woman on a Striped with a Dog, c.1875 Head of a Young Girl, 1876 Portrait of Miss Cassatt, holding the cards, c.1876
Mary Ellison Embroidering, 1877 Portrait of a Lady (Miss My Ellison), 1877 Children in a Garden, 1878
Little Girl in a Blue Armchair, 1878 Portrait of Madame X Dressed for the Matinee, 1878 Portrait Of The Artist, c.1878
The Opera, 1877-1878 The Reader, 1878 At the Theater, 1878-1879
In the Box, c.1879 Moses Dreyfus, 1879 Mother Combing Her Child’s Hair, 1879
Portrait of girl, 1879 The Cup of Tea, c.1879 Theater, 1879
Woman Reading, 1878-1879 Woman Standing, Holding a Fan, 1878-1879 Woman with a Pearl Necklace, 1879
Elsie Cassatt Holding a Big Dog, c.1880 Elsie in a Blue Chair, 1880 Lady with a Fan (Portrait of Anne Chlotte Gailld), c.1880
Lilacs in a Window, c.1880 Lydia Cassatt in a Green Bonnet and a Coat, c.1880 Lydia Cassatt Leaning on Her Arms, Seated in a Loge, 1880
Lydia crocheting in the garden at marly, 1880 Lydia Seated in the Garden with a Dog in Her Lap, c.1880 Mother about to Wash her Sleepy Child, 1880
Mother and Child, 1880 Mrs Cassatt Reading to her Grandchildren, 1880 Mrs. Gardner Cassatt in Black, 1880
Portrait Of Alexander Cassatt, c.1880 Portrait of Alexander J. Cassatt, 1880 Portrait of Mlle C. Lydia Cassatt, 1880
Red poppies, 1874-1880 Self Portrait, c.1880 The Loge, c.1880
The Tea, 1879-1880 The Visitor, c.1880 Woman by a Window Feeding Her Dog, c.1880
Woman Reading in a Garden, 1880 Young Girl Holding a Loose Bouquet, c1880 A woman and child in the driving seat, 1881
Lydia at the Tapestry Loom, 1880-1881 Lydia Reading on a Divan, 1880-1881 Susan Comforting the Baby (no.1), c.1881
Susan Comforting the Baby (no.2), c.1881 Susan in a Toque Trimmed with Two Roses, c.1881 Susan Seated Outdoors Wearing a Purple Hat, c.1881
Woman and Child Seated in a Garden, c.1881 Lydia Sitting on a Porch, Crocheting, 1881-1882 Master Robert Kelso Cassatt, c.1882
Robert and His Sailboat, 1882 Woman in Black, c.1882 Young Woman Sewing in the garden, c.1880-1882
Portrait of an elderly lady, 1883 Susan on a balcony holding a dog, c.1883 Children Playing On The Beach, 1884
Lady at the Tea Table, 1885 Mr. Robert S. Cassatt on Horseback, 1885 Portrait of Alexander J. Cassat and His Son Robert Kelso Cassatt, 1884-1885
The Sisters, c.1885 Child In A Straw Hat, c.1886 Girl ranging Her Hair, 1886
Woman ranging Her Veil, 1886 Young Girl with Brown Hair, c.1880-1887 Young Woman Sewing in the Garden, 1887
Mother’s Goodnight Kiss, 1888 Woman and Child, 1887-1888 At the Window, 1889
Baby in His Mother`s arms, sucking his finger, 1889 Emmie and Her Child, 1889 Helene de Septeuil, 1889
Mathilde Holding a Baby Who Reaches out to the Right, c.1889 Mother And Child, 1889 Mother and Child, c.1889
Mrs. Robert S. Cassatt , 1889 The Long Gloves, 1889 Woman and child in front of a shelf which are placed a jug and basin, 1889
Baby Bill, 1890 Baby Bill in Cap and Shift, 1889-1890 Maternity, c.1890
Mother and Child, 1890 Mother And Child, c.1890 Mother Holding a Child in Her arms, c.1890
Picking Daisies in a Field, 1889-1890 Portrait of a Lady, c.1890 Portrait of Mrs William Harrison, c.1890
Portrait of the Artist’s Mother, 1889-1890 The Child’s Caress, 1890 Baby’s First Caress, 1891
Bathing the Young Heir, c.1891 Celeste in a Brown Hat, 1891 Contemplation, 1891
Interior of a Tramway Passing a Bridge, 1890-1891 Jenny and Her Sleepy Child, c.1891 Mothers Kiss, 1891
Nude Child, 1890-1891 The Bath, 1890-1891 The Fitting, 1891
The Lamp, 1890-1891 The Letter, 1890-1891 The Visit, 1890-1891
Woman With A Red Zinnia, 1891 Little Girl with a Japanese Doll, c.1892 Portrait of Master St. Pierre, c.1892
The Sailor Boy Gardener Cassatt, 1892 Young Woman Picking Fruit, c.1891-1892 Young Woman Picking the Fruit of Knowledge, 1892
Baby Reaching For An Apple, 1893 Gathering Fruit, 1893 Margaret Milligan Sloan, 1893
Portrait of Margaret Milligan Sloan (no.2), 1893 Sleepy Thomas Sucking His Thumb, 1893 The Banjo Lesson, 1893
The Child’s Bath, 1893 The Family, 1893 Young Thomas And His Mother, 1893
Girl with a Banjo, 1893-1894 In the park, c.1894 Marie Therese Gaillard, 1894
Peasant Mother and Child, 1894 Smiling Mother with Sober Faced Child, c1894 Summertime, 1894
The Banjo Lesson, 1893-1894 The Boating Party, 1893-1894 The Pensive Reader, c.1894
The Two Sisters, 1893-1894 Young Woman Reflecting, 1894 Clissa Turned Left with Her Hand to Her Ear, 1895
Feeding the Ducks, 1895 Nurse Reading to a Little Girl, 1895 On the Water, 1895
Portrait of Mrs Havemeyer and Her Daughter Electra, 1895 Young Woman with Auburn Hair in a Pink Blouse, 1895 Ellen Mary Cassatt In A White Coat, 1896
Maternal Caress, 1896 Maternal Kiss, 1896 Portrait of Mrs. H. O. Hevemeyer, 1896
The Horse Chestnut, 1896 The Conversation, 1896 A Kiss For Baby Anne, c.1897
A Kiss for Baby Anne (no. 3), 1897 Breakfast in Bed, 1897 Little Ann Sucking Her Finger Embraced by Her Mother, 1897
Nurse and Child, 1896-1897 Pattycake, 1897 Sketch of Anne and Her Nurse, c.1897
The Barefoot Child, 1897 The Barefoot Child, 1897 Two Young Girls with a Child, 1897
Women Admiring a Child, 1897 Young Girls, 1897 Bust of Ellen with Bows in Her Hair, c.1898
By the Pond, 1898 Heads of Leontine and a Friend, c.1898 Leontine in a Pink Fluffy Hat, 1898
Little Girl in a Red Beret, 1898 Louise Nursing Her Child, 1898 Mother and child, 1898
Portrait of a Young Woman, c.1898 Portrait of a Young Woman in Green, c.1898 Portrait of Ellen Mary Cassatt, c.1898
The Befooted Child, 1898 The Gden Reading, 1898 Woman with a Parakeet, 1898
Ellen with Bows in Her Hair, Looking Right, c.1899 Madame Meerson and Her Daughter, c.1899 Mother Playing with Her Child, c.1899
Portrait of Madame A. F. Aude and Her Two Daughters, 1899 Jules Being Dried by His Mother, 1900 Mother and Child, 1900
Mother and Child, c.1900 Mother and Child, c.1900 Mother Berthe Holding Her Baby, 1900
Mother Rose Nursing Her Child, c.1900 Portrait Of A Young Girl, c.1900 Woman in a Black Hat and a Raspberry Pink Costume, 1900
Young Mother, 1900 After the bath, c.1901 Head of Sara in a Bonnet Looking Left, 1901
Jules Standing by His Mother, c.1901 Mother and Children, 1901 Mother and Sara Admiring the Baby, 1901
Mother combing Sara’s hair, c.1901 Mother Sara and the Baby, c.1901 Portrait of young woman, 1901
Sara and Her Mother with the Baby, c.1901 Sara Handing a Toy to the Baby, 1901 Sara Looking towards the Right, c.1901
Sara with her dog, 1901 Sarah in a Green Bonnet, 1901 Sketch of Antoinette (no.1), 1901
Somone in a White Bonnet, 1901 Child In Orange Dress, 1902 Margot, 1902
Margot in Blue, 1902 Margot in White, 1902 Mother Sara and the Baby, c.1902
Motherhood, c.1902 Portrait of Louise Aurora child Villeboeuf, 1902 Portrait of Mme. Fontveille, 1902
Reine Lefebre and Margot before a Window, 1902 Sara in a Large Flowered Hat Looking Right Holding Her Dog, c.1902 Sketch of Reine and Child, c.1902
Young Girl Seated in a Yellow Armchair, c.1902 Head of Simone in a Large Plumes Hat, Looking Left, 1903 Margot Wearing a Bonnet, c.1903
Portrait of a Young Girl (Simone), c.1903 Reine Lefebvre Holding a Nude Baby, 1902-1903 Simone in a Large Plumed Hat, Seated, Holding a Griffon Dog, c.1903
Simone in Plumed Hat, c.1903 Simone in White Bonnet Seated with Clasped Hands (no.1), c.1903 Dorothy in a Very Large Bonnet and a Dark Coat, c.1904
Mother and Daughter Looking at the Baby, c.1905 Portrait of Madame Alfred Lavergne, born Magdalena Mellon, 1902-1905 Sketch of Ellen My Cassatt in a Big Blue Hat, c.1905
Young Mother and Two Children, 1905 Mother and Two Children, 1906 Motherhood, c.1906
Young Boy in Blue, c.1906 Boat, Bath, c.1908 Bust of Francoise Looking Down, c.1908
Child with Red Hat, c.1908 Children Playing with a Cat, 1908 Francoise Wearing a Big White Hat, c.1908
Girl In Large Hat, c.1908 Head of Francoise Looking Down, c.1908 Maternal Tenderness, 1908
Mother And Child, 1908 Mother and Child, c.1908 Mother and Child Smiling at Each Other, 1908
Mother Jeanne Nursing Her Baby, 1907-1908 Sara Holding A Cat, c.1908 A Girl in Pink, c.1908
Young Girl Reading, 1908 Antoinette at her dresser, 1909 Ellen Mary Cassatt with a Large Bow in Her Hair, 1908-1909
Françoise in Green, Sewing, c.1908-1909 Head of Julie, Looking Down, c.1909 Mother And Child In A Boat, c.1909
Woman`s Head with Large Hat, c.1909 Auguste Reading to Her Daughter, 1910 Child with Bangs in a Blue Dress, c1910
Portrait of Charles Dikran Kelekian, 1910 Sleepy Baby, 1910 Study for Augusta Reading to Her Daughter, c.1910
Portrait of Mie Louise Durand Ruel, 1911 Mother and Child Reading, 1913 Nude Baby on Mother’s Lap Resting Her arm on the Back of the Chair, 1913
The Chrochet Lesson, 1913 Baby Lying on His Mother s Lap, reaching to hold a scarf, 1914 Mother and Child, 1914
Mother Holding Her Baby, c.1914 Woman Sewing, 1913-1914 Young Woman In Green Outdoors In The Sun, c.1914
Sketch of Mother Looking down at Thomas, 1910 Baby Smiling up at Her Mother Girl’s Head Green Background
In the garden Little girl with cap Sun Lydia at the Theater
Margot Lux with a wide hat Portrait of young girl Roman Girl
Sara in a Bonnet Sara in Dark Bonnet with Right Hand on Arm of Chair Sara with her dog
Sketch of Francois The bath The Sisters