Marcel Janco Paintings

Marcel Janco (1895 – 1984) was a Romanian born artist who was instrumental in developing the Dada movement. Eventually he began to embrace Constructivism and move away from Dadaism, which he felt had become overly negative in its outlook. In 1941, he immigrated to Israel to escape the dangerous antisemitism that was spreading throughout Europe during World War II. Janco brought modern art with him when he immigrated, ultimately helping to develop the modern Israeli art movement.

Paintings by Marcel Janco in Chronological Order:

Illustration for Tristan Tzara’s “La Première aventure céleste de Monsieur Antipyrine”, 1916 Bel a Zurich, 1917 Euphoria Dada, 1917
Mask for Firdusi, 1917-1918 Trophé, 1918 Untitled (Mask, Portrait of Tzara), 1919
Mask, 1919 Urmuz, 1923 Villa in the City, 1925
Café Concert, 1925-1927 Marina, 1930 Girl Portrait, 1930
Forced to Wash Windows, 1941 Two Nazi Soldiers Abusing a Jew and Tearing Out his Beard, 1942 Four Figures About to be Executed, 1942
Abstraction Port Abstract Construction
On the Way to Ein Hod Untitled Locker and Key
Untitled Cafe Arab Amsterdam
Landscape Soldier The Parade
The Three Graces Fruit and Dishes on the Table Mother and Children
Abuse – Two Nazi Soldiers Mistreating Jews 1942 Composition Duele Still Life
Figures in the Shuk Middle-Eastern Figures