Madonna with the Fish

Madonna with the Fish
Artist Raphael
Year 1512-1514
Medium Oil on board
Location Museo del Prado, Madrid
Dimensions 44 in × 35 in
113 cm × 88 cm

This oil on canvas painting by Raphael made between the years 1512 to 1514, which portrays the Virgin Mary seated at the center of the painting and the angel Raphael accompanying Tobias towards the Madonna holding a fish.

The fish that is being presented is said to be where Tobias derived the cure for his father’s failing eyesight. Saint Jerome can be seen at the left of the Virgin and carrying a magnificent book.

The Madonna with the Fish is another painting that showcases Raphael’s unique style of painting where the divine beings are separated from mortal beings unless guided by other heavenly beings – which was the thinking of people at that time.