Madonna with Beardless Saint Joseph

Madonna with Beardless Saint Joseph
Artist Raphael
Year 1506
Medium Tempera on canvas (transferred from panel)
Location Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg
Dimensions 28.5 in × 22.2 in
72.5 cm × 56.5 cm

The Madonna with Beardless Saint Joseph is classified as a religious painting and was executed by painter Rafaello Sanzio Da Urbino or popularly known as Raphael. The painting was made in 1506 and originally measures 74 x 57 centimeters. It is now located in The Hermitage in St. Petersburg in Russia. The painter portrayed Saint Joseph’s character without a beard. It is apart from his traditional look. It is the painter’s way of opening the figures to new dimensions apart from what we are used to see everyday. In his art form, the figures are on the level of perfection. The use of soft lines, perfect contrasts of color, and poses of figures contributed to give perfect harmony to the painting.