Madonna of Loreto

Madonna of Loreto
Artist Raphael
Year 1508-1509
Medium Oil on wood
Location Musée Condé, Chantilly
Dimensions 47 in × 35 in
120 cm × 90 cm

Musee Cone of Chantilly in France provides the home for Raphael’s Madonna of Loreto painting. It was executed around 1508 and 1509. The painting acquired different names which made it difficult to track. In times of Santa Maria del Popolo, it was recognized as Madonna del Popolo. Other names given to it were Madonna Del Velo (Madonna of the Veil) and Madonna of Loreto. In Chantilly, it was known as La Madonna de Lorette but originally, the name of the painting was gained from a copy at the Basilica della Casa in Loreto.

For centuries, the painting goes along with the Portrait of Pope Julius II at the Santa Maria del Popolo and in private collections.