Madonna of Foligno

Madonna of Foligno

Medium:Oil on wood,
transferred to canvas
Location:Pinacoteca Vaticana,
Vatican City

    • 130 in × 76 in
    • (320 cm × 194 cm)

Madonna of Foligno was first painted on wood by Raphael. The painting was originally made for Sigismondo ‘Di Conti in 1511. Centuries later, in 1802, the painting was transferred from panel to canvas by Hacquin. It was then restored by Roser of Heidelberg.

The name “Madonna of Foligno” was acquired because it was moved to St. Anne monastery in Foligno by Anna Conti. Anna Conti was a descendant of Sigismondo ‘Di Conti, Chamberlain to Pope Julius II. It was transferred to Italy in 1815 after the Battle of Waterloo. It was stored in the Pinacoteca Vaticana of the Vatican Museum in the along with the Transfiguration.

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