Madonna of Bogota

Madonna of Bogota

Year: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Dimension: Unknown

It is in Bogota, Colombia where the Madonna of Bogota painting was rediscovered in 1938, and how it received its name. The painting is attributed to Raphael.

Mrs. Maria Mendoza had a painting she believed to be Gregorio Vazquez Arce y Ceballos’ work. She asked Master Santiago Martinez Delgado to attribute the piece since Martinez was considered an expert in Art History. When Martinez saw the painting, he believed that the artwork might be Raphael’s. The piece was damaged with a slice down its center. After researching the painting more, Martinez was convinced that the artwork was indeed an original of Raphael. After several discussions about the painting after it reached the press, Martinez brought it to New York’s Metropolitan Museum and Columbia University in 1939 to be studied. In June 1939, the painting was officially confirmed as Raphael’s work.

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