Madonna dell’Impannata

Madonna dell’Impannata
Artist Raphael
Year 1513-1514
Medium Oil on wood
Location Palazzo Pitti, Florence
Dimensions 62 in × 49 in
158 cm × 125 cm

The Italian painter, Raphael, was a great star of the High Renaissance period and was made popular by his different depictions of the Madonna, or the Virgin Mary. The Madonna dell’Impannata, an oil painting on wood artwork, is one of the late works done by him during 1513 to 1514.

This artwork showed how the painter moved from creating images of saints and holy persons as one sided, flat and without expression. Hence, the painting surprised everyone when a warmer use of colors and magnificent use of light to create a solid and tangible effect to the real life event portrayed. He showed the image of the Virgin carrying the young Christ on her lap and with her family members such as Saint Elizabeth, Saint Catherine and the young John the Baptist; and the window covered with cloth from which the artwork got its title.