Madonna della Tenda

Madonna della Tenda
Artist Raphael
Year 1514
Medium Oil on panel
Location Alte Pinakothek, Munich
Dimensions 25.9 in × 20.2 in
65.8 cm × 51.2 cm

Madonna della tenda was made by the famous painter Raphael in 1514 using acrylic on a panel. One may say that this artwork resembles a similar Madonna painting, the Madonna della Seggiola, which was also created around the same time.

It portrays the same scene where the Virgin Mary is embracing the child Jesus while sitting on a chair, and the child John the Baptist looking at them. However, what made it differ from the previous masterpiece is that it is said to be more of how Raphael used to paint – the emotional distance from the viewer and the subject of the picture and the use of smudged, unpolished oil paint for the masterpiece.