Madonna della Seggiola

Madonna della Seggiola
Artist Raphael
Year 1513-1514
Medium Oil on panel
Location Palazzo Pitti, Florence
Dimensions 28 in × 28 in
71 cm × 71 cm

Around 1513 to 1514, this oil on panel artwork of Raphael, also called Madonna della Sedia, shows the Virgin Mary seated and carrying her son, the young Jesus Christ, accompanied at her left side by another young child, John the Baptist, her nephew.

The painting is noted to inspire Maria Montessori in her endeavors to provide high quality education to children; and appears to differ from other works of the Italian artist. The previous works by Raphael show holy and heavenly figures far from the painting and usually showcase their superiority over other beings. In this painting however, the audience is to look at the close up image of the Virgin as though she were any ordinary woman taking care of young children.