Madonna del Granduca

Madonna del Granduca
Artist Raphael
Year 1505
Medium Oil on wood
Location Palazzo Pitti, Florence
Dimensions 33 in × 22 in
84 cm × 55 cm

The great Italian master, Raphael Sanzio (commonly known as Raphael) painted the Madonna del Granduca. The painting was done in 1504 using the medium oil in wood. Its dimensions are eighty four centimetres by fifty five centimetres. Currently, the painting is located at the Palazzo Pitti in Florence. The painting was said to be somewhat influenced by Leonardo da Vinci who Raphael was later acquaintanced with. His influence can be observed in the way Raphael used sfumato. The painting derived its name from the Grand Duke of Tuscany who used to own it. This piece of art is truly a classic. It is considered as one of the most recognizable examples of the Madonna and Child.

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