Lyonel Feininger Paintings

Lyonel Feininger (1871–1956) was a German-American artist who originally traveled from New York to Germany to study music, however, he changed his mind and began to pursue art instead. He studied under the artist Ernst Hancke and eventually started working as a cartoonist. At age 36, he finally made the transition over to fine art where he became involved with the Expressionist movement. He was inspired by Cubism and mixed this style with his Expressionist works to create something uniquely his. Feininger eventually moved back to America after the rise of the Nazi Party and was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Paintings by Lyonel Feininger in Chronological Order:

The White Man, 1907 Uprising, 1910 Carnival in Arcueil, 1911
Gelmeroda III, 1913 Jesuiten III (Jesuits III), 1915 Gelmeroda V, 1916
The Green Bridge II, 1916 The Village of Legefeld I (Dorf Legefeld I), 1916 City on the Mountain (Stadt auf dem Berge), 1918
Desolated Village (Verfallenes Dorf), 1918 Euphoric Victory (Siegesrausch), 1918 Marine from The First Portfolio (Die erste Mappe), 1918
People on the Jetty (Leute auf See-Steg), 1918 Rainy Day on the Beach (Regentag am Strande), 1918 The Rainbow (Der Regenbogen), 1918
The Yacht Race (Wettsegeln), 1918 Town Gate, Ribnitz (Das Tor, Ribnitz), 1918 Trumpeter (Trompeter), 1918
Woodblock for Fishing Boats (Fischerboote), 1918 Woodblock for The Harbor (Hafen), 1918 Cathedral of Socialism, 1919
Hanseatic Ships (Hansaschiffe), 1919 Railroad Viaduct (Die Eisenbahnbrücke), 1919 Volcano (Vulkan), 1919
Oberweimarv Lady in Mauve, 1922 The High Shore, 1923
Gaberndorf II, 1924 Regatta, 1925 The Dome in Halle, 1930
Storm Brewing, 1939