Lucio Fontana Paintings

Lucio Fontana (1899–1968) was an Argentine born Italian artist best known as the father of Spatialism, an art movement which focuses on the attempt to bring art outside of its 2-dimensional space. Throughout his life, Fontana traveled between Argentina and Italy, working as both a painter and sculptor. He shared circles with expressionists and other abstract artists. While he was in Italy in 1949, Fontana began his famous slash series, a style of art that was uniquely his.

Paintings by Lucio Fontana in Chronological Order:

Concept Spatiale, 1949-1950 Deposition, 1955 Sphere, 1957
Concept Spatiale, 1958 Concept Spatiale, 1958 Concept Spatiale, 1959
Concept Spatiale, 1959 Concept Spatiale, 1959-1960 Concept Spatiale, 1960
I quanta, 1960 Concept Spatiale, 1963 Teatrino, 1963
Concept Spatiale, 1964 Concept Spatiale, 1968 Concept Spatiale
Concept Spatiale

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