Lucian Freud Paintings

Lucian Freud (1922–2011) was a German born British artist who was a very prominent figurative painter of the 20th century. His early works were influenced by surrealism, however, as his career progressed his paintings became more representational, drawing upon realism rather than abstraction. In 1933, his family moved to London in order to escape the Nazi regime. It was in London where Freud began to associate with figurative painters. His iconic style was said to have matured in the 1950s when he began to paint nude portraits. 

Paintings by Lucian Freud in Chronological Order:

Box of Apples in Wales, 1939 Landscape with Birds, 1940 Portrait of Stephen Spender, 1940
Stephen Spender, 1940 The Village Boys, 1942 Fragment Head of Gerald Wilde, 1943
Man with a Feather, 1943 Head of Boy with a Book, 1944 Palm Tree, 1944
Portrait of a Young Man, 1944 Seaside Garden, 1944 The Painter’s Room, 1944
Woman with a Daffodil, 1945 Portrait of a Man, 1946 Girl in a Dark Jacket, 1947
Girl in a White Dress, 1947 Girl with a Kitten, 1947 Rose and Sweet Pea, c.1947
The Sparrowhawk, c.1947 Daffodils and Celery, 1947-1948 Girl with Fig Leaf, 1948
Girl with Leaves, 1948 Girl with Roses, 1947-1948 Ill in Paris, 1948
Man at Night (Self-Portrait), 1947-1948 Portrait of Christian Berard, 1948 Self-Portrait with Hyacinth in a Pot, c.1947-c.1948
Untitled, c.1948 Father and Daughter, 1949 Head of a woman (Portrait of Lady Elizabeth Cavendish), 1950
Girl in a Dark Dress, 1951 Interior at Paddington, 1951 Boy’s Head, 1952
Francis Bacon, 1952 Girl in Bed, 1952 Girl Reading, 1952
John Minton, 1952 Strawberries, 1952 A Woman Painter, 1954
Hotel Bedroom, 1954 Girl by the Sea, 1956 Woman in a White Shirt, 1956-1957
Child with a Toy Dog, 1956-1958 Man in a Mackintosh, 1957-1958 Woman Smiling, 1958-1959
Baby on a Green Sofa, 1961 Figure with Bare Arms, 1961 Head on a Green Sofa, 1960-1961
Annie, 1962 Man’s Head, Self Portrait, 1963 Red Haired Man on a Chair, 1962-1963
A Man and his Daughter, 1963-1964 Cyclamen, 1964 Reflection with Two Children (Self-Portrait), 1965
Girl in a Fur Coat, 1967 Buttercups, 1968 Interior with Plant, Reflection Listening (Self-Portrait), 1967-1968
A Filly, 1970 Paddington Interior, Harry Diamond, 1970 Factory in North London, 1972
The Painter’s Mother II, 1972 Wasteground with Houses, Paddington, 1970-1972 Ali, 1974
The Painter’s Mother Reading, 1975 Frank Auerbach, 1975-1976 Head of a Girl, 1975-1976
The Painter’s Mother Resting I, 1975-1976 The Big Man, 1976-1977 Two Plants, 1977-1980
Bella, 1981 Guy and Speck, 1980-1981 Guy Half Asleep, 1981-1982
Head of a Man, 1981-1982 Man in a Sports Shirt, 1982 Still Life (Quinces), 1981-1982
Esther, 1982-1983 Large Interior W11 (after Watteau), 1981-1983 Two Japanese Wrestlers by a Sink, 1983
Ib, 1983-1984 Fred, 1985 Girl in Striped Nightshirt, 1985
Head of Bruce Bernard, 1985 Man in a Chair, 1983-1985 Reflection (Self-Portrait), 1985
Two Irishmen in W11, 1984-1985 Bella, 1986 Double Portrait, 1985-1986
The Painter’s Brother, Stephen, 1985-1986 Annabel, portrait III, 1987 Lord Goodman in his Yellow Pyjamas, 1987
Man Smoking, 1986-1987 Triple Portrait, 1986-1987 Susie, 1988
Woman in a Grey Sweater, 1988 Man in a String Chair, 1988-1989 Susie, 1988-1989
Portrait of Ib, 1990 Leigh Bowery, 1991 Woman in a Butterfly Jersey, 1990-1991
Francis Wyndham, 1993 Large Head, 1993 Last Portrait of Leigh, 1995
Bella, 1996 Woman with an Arm Tattoo, 1996 Armchair by the Fireplace, 1997
Garden, Notting Hill Gate, 1997 Gaz, 1997 David Dawson, 1998
Man in Silver Suit, 1998 The Pearce Family, 1998 After Chardin, 1999
Alice and Okie, 1999 Head of an Irishman, 1999 Robert Fellowes, 1999
Susanna, 1999 Aline, 2000 Queen Elizabeth II, 2000-2001
Small Portait, 2001 Two Brothers from Ulster, 2001 Daughter and Father, 2002
David Hockney, 2002 Eli, 2002 Eli, 2002
Frances Costelloe, 2002 Garden from the Window, 2002 Self-Portrait, 2002
Woman with Eyes Closed, 2002 Alice Costelloe, 2003 Frances Costelloe, 2003
Grey Gelding, 2003 Man in a White Shirt, 2002-2003 Pluto’s Grave, 2003
Solicitors Head, 2003 Albie, 2003-2004 Girl with Fuzzy Hair, 2004
Self-Portrait, Reflection, 2003-2004 Skewbald Mare, 2004 The Painter’s Garden, 2003-2004
New Yorker, 2006 The Painter’s Doctor, 2006 Donegal Man, 2007
Sally Clarke, 2008 Annabel Francis Bacon
Garden in Winter Interior with Hand Mirror (Self-Portrait) Kingcups Souvenir of Glen Artney
Portrait of a Head Sir Cedric Morris The Painter’s Mother