Louis Valtat Paintings

Louis Valtat (August 8, 1869, – 1952) was born in Dieppe, Seine-Maritime. He was a French painter associated with the Fauves. He is famous as a key figure in the stylistic transition in painting from Monet to Matisse. He is considered one of the founders and leaders of les Fauves (“the wild beasts”, named after their wild use of color), who first exhibited together in 1905 at the Salon d’Automne. Learn more »

Paintings by Louis Valtat in Chronological Order

A Tree in the Garden, 1896 Young Women in the Garden, c.1898 The Boat, 1899
Flowers and Fruit, 1899 Violet Cliffs, 1900 Italian Landscape, 1902
Italian Landscape, Cypresses, 1902 Woman in a wheelchair, 1903 Landscape with Violet Irises, 1903
By the Sea, 1904 Barges on the Seine, 1905 Woman with guitar, 1906
The Lacemaker, 1906 Antheor Bay, 1906 Landscape of the South of France, c.1908
Sun Through the Trees, c.1909 Child with Trumpet, 1910 An Abandoned Farm, 1912
Flowers, 1913 Field of Corn, 1917 River banks in Choisel
Woman at the Seaside Flowers Still Life In the Garden, Versailles
The Rock in the Sea

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