Lee Krasner Paintings

Lee Krasner was an American Abstract Expressionist painter and collage artist. She was born on October 27, 1908 and lived until June 19, 1984. She had ambitions to become an artist and attended the Women’s Art School at Cooper Union as well as the National Academy of Design. She also took classes with the artist Hans Hofmann, whose specialty was in cubism. Studying with Hofmann inspired and influenced Krasner to pursue neo-cubist abstraction within her own work.

Krasner married fellow artist Jackson Pollock on October 25, 1945. He was also well known in the abstract expressionist movement. They both inspired and supported one another in their creative pursuits.

She was known for creating collages by cutting up her own paintings or by using scraps of extra canvas that she had. Krasner’s portfolio also includes charcoal drawings and mosaics.

Paintings by Lee Krasner in Chronological Order

Still Life, 1938 Seated Nude, 1940 Noon, 1947
Shellflower, 1947 Night Light, 1948 Untitled (from Little Image series), 1949
Untitled, 1949 Number 3 (Untitled), 1951 Thaw, 1957
The Sun Woman II, 1958 Cool White, 1959 Obsidian, 1962
Summer Play, 1962 Untitled, 1964 Night Creatures, 1965
Gaea, 1966 Gold Stone, 1969 Hieroglyphs No. 12, 1969
Untitled, 1969 Rising Green, 1972 Mysteries, 1972
Embrace, 1974