Lawren Harris Paintings

Lawren Harris (1885 – 1970) was a Canadian painter who was one of the original founders of the Group of Seven, which was a group of painters who sought to develop a distinctly Canadian style of painting. The beginning of Harris’ career is characterized by colorful, natural landscapes, however his style of painting would undergo many transformations throughout his life. During the late 1920s he focused almost exclusively on mountains and his work became significantly less colorful and more geometric in its form. Finally, in 1935, he abandoned landscape painting altogether and embraced abstract art. Harris’ work is very unique and important to Canadian art history.

Paintings by Lawren Harris in Chronological Order:

Winter Landscape with Pink House, 1918 Woods, Algoma, 1918 Algoma Hill, 1920
Ice House, Coldwell, Lake Superior, 1923 Afternoon Sun, Lake Superior, 1924 Maligne Lake, Jasper Park, 1924
Pic Island, Lake Superior, 1924 Pine Tree and Red House, Winter City, 1924 Aftermath of Storm – Lake Superior Sketch XXXIV, 1926
North Shore, Lake Superior, 1926 From the North Shore, Lake Superior, 1927 Lake and Mountains, 1928
Lake Superior, 1928 Mountaisn and Lake, 1929 Isolation Peak, Rocky Mountains, 1930
Mount Lefroy, 1930 Mount Thule, Bylot Island, 1930 Nerke, Greenland, 1930
Baffin Island, 1931 Winter comes from the Arctic to the Temperate Zone, 1935 Abstract Painting #98, 1938
Hanover Abstract, 1938 Abstract No. 7, 1939 Abstract Painting #20, 1942
LSH 21, 1942 Intimations, 1943 Sketch Painted in Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1944
LSH 134, 1950 Nature Rhythms, 1950 Untitled, 1951
Abstraction 30, 1955 LSH 83, 1957 Calligraph Forming, 1958
The Spirit of Remote Hills, 1958 Abstraction, 1964 Abstract