L’Atelier Rouge

L’Atelier Rouge
Artist Henri Matisse
Year 1911
Medium oil on canvas
Location The Museum of Modern Art, New York City
Dimensions 64 in × 51 in
162 x 130 cm
Famous Paintings by Henri Matisse
L’Atelier Rouge, 1911
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The Dance, 1909
The Snail, 1953
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Although L’Atelier Rouge uses the common painting method of oil on canvas, little else about it is conventional. Matisse was strongly influenced by a series of visits to North Africa, after which he experimented more boldly with color. In this painting, he deliberately overwhelms the viewer with a mass of red. This, together with the almost total absence of black from the work, gives an unusual and intense effect. An illusion of depth is maintained in the picture, even though conventional perspective is almost entirely absent from it.

About the Artist

L’Atelier Rouge is a painting by the French artist Henri Matisse. It was painted in 1911, and is owned by the Museum of Modern Art – usually known as MoMA – in New York City. The painting, whose name translates as “the red studio,” is often considered Matisse’s most significant work. In a poll among 500 experts in modern art carried out in 2004, this painting came fifth.

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