Late Period of Egypt

The Late Period of Ancient Egypt was its last era of native Egyptian rulers. It spanned from about 664 to 332 B.C. From then on the strength of Ancient Egyptian culture started to diminish.

Late Period of Egypt Timeline (c.664-332 B.C.)

664 B.C. Tantamani, a pharaoh of the Nubian (25th) Dynasty of Egypt, retreats to Napata, giving up his attempt to conquer Lower Egypt
610 B.C. Necho-II-statue-in-the-Brooklyn-Museum-sq Necho II assumes the throne in Egypt and establishes the 26th Dynasty. He would also be a significant factor in the histories of the Judah Kingdom, Babylonia, and the Assyrian Empire.
605 B.C. Nebuchadnezzar-II-sqNebuchadnezzar II leads the Babylonians to conquer Carchemish and defeat the Egyptian army. His father, Nabopolassar, passes away that year, leaving him the throne.
525 B.C. Cambyses_II_capturing_Psamtik_III-sqAt the Battle of Pelusium, Cambyses of Persia conquers Egypt and executed the pharaoh Psamtik III. Afterward, he invades the Kingdom of Kush but is not quite successful.
404 B.C. Amyrtaeus of Sais was able to expel the Persians, founding the 28th Dynasty.
343 B.C. The Persians reconquer Egypt, establishing the 31st Dynasty.

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