Landscape Near Figueras

Landscape Near Figueras
Artist Salvador Dalí
Year 1910
Medium Oil on postcard
Location Private collection of Albert Field, Astoria, Queens
Dimensions 5½ in × 3½ in
14 cm × 9 cm
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Landscape Near Figueras, 1910
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Landscape Near Figueras was one of the first paintings by Spanish artist Salvador Dalí. He painted this painting when he was six years old only. This small, but interesting, work of art is classified in the artist’s so called Developmental Period.

This painting is a clear indication that Salvador Dalí was always interested in Surrealism, but he also mastered other forms of art including Baroque, Impressionistic and Classical. It is interesting to note that this particular work of art was actually painted on a postcard measuring just 14 cm by 9 cm. The painting dates back to the year 1910.

Techniques and Art Forms

One can see the grass, shrubs and trees which made up the landscape in that area. It is hard to believe that a six year old painted it because the style is really good, and one can say that this oil painting clearly exemplifies Dali’s impressionism and his upcoming successful career as an artist.

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