La Mariée

La Mariée
Artist Marc Chagall
Year 1950
Medium Gouache, pastel
Location Private collection, Japan
Dimensions 27 in × 21 in
68 cm × 53 cm
Marc Chagall Famous Paintings
I and the Village, 1911
The Birthday, 1915
The Fiddler, 1913
La Mariée, 1950
Over the Town, 1918
White Crucifixion, 1938

La Mariée (The Bride) is a marvellous metaphor of the world which surrounds the painter and his beliefs. The painting depicts the intermingling of the real as well as the imaginary world. Mariee, the bride, is dressed in a red wedding dress. The blue background portrays darkness, gloominess and sadness. Contrary to this, in the foreground the bride in her quasi wedding attire expresses joy and sensuality. In the painting, it seems as if the couple is floating. The use of vivid colors and wild imagination brings life to the painting.

About the artist

Marc Chagall was a Jewish painter, who was associated with the modern movement. He took inspiration through Belarusian folk life and his artwork reflected Jewish heritage and culture. This prolific Russian artist is known for his bright, whimsical and iconic works. Most of his paintings feature women or young couples, and reflect emotions like kindness, happiness and pleasure.

One response to “La Mariée”

  1. Father war eagle says:

    This painting is extremely odd. It expresses everything strange and usual that goes on in some Frenchmen’s deranged mind. You have no taste in art. If I were to eat what you called good art it would probably taste like socks.

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