Konstantin Korovin Paintings

Paintings by Konstantin Korovin in Chronological Order

Konstantin Korovin was an Impressionist painter from Russia. He was born on November 23, 1861 and passed on September 11, 1939. Both of his brothers were also artists and in 1875 Korovin joined his older brother Sergei at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture. In the year 1885 Korovin traveled through both Spain and Paris where he was exposed to Impressionism. At this time Impressionism was not widely practiced throughout the world so this style was very new to Korovin and went against some of his original training. Nevertheless, he was inspired by the impressionists and embraced this fresh new style into his own beautiful portraits and landscapes.

Early Spring, c.1870 A Picnic, 1880 On Deck, c.1880
A Poor Shot, c.1880 Portrait of the Artist Tatiana Spiridonovna Lyubatovich, c.1880 The River Vorya at Abramtsevo, c.1880
Twilight, c.1880 Portrait of a Chorus Girl, 1883 On the Road, 1885
In a Room, 1886 Portrait of Sofia Golitsyna, 1886 A Nothern Idyll, 1886
A Muse, 1887 A Florence Street in the Rain, 1888 In the Boat, 1888
At the Tea-Table, 1888 Buying a Dagger, 1889 Portrait of Olga Alyabyeva, 1889
Portrait of Olga Orlova, 1889 At the Balcony.Spanish Women Leonora and Ampara, 1889 Portrait of Italian Singer Angelo Masini, 1890
The Port in Marseilles, c.1890 Portrait of S. Mamontov in a Theatre Costume, c.1890 The Port in Marseilles, c.1890
White Night in Northern Norway, c.1890 Beach at Dieppe, c.1890 By the Window, 1893
An Artist`s Studio, 1892-1894 Harbor in Norway, 1894 Winter in Lapland, 1894
Murmansk coast, 1894 The Pomors, 1894 In a Summer Cottage, 1895
Hammerfest. The Nothern Lights, 1894-1895 Summertime, 1895 Mistress of the House, 1896
Fishing on Murman Sea, 1896 Arkhangelsk, 1897 Paper lanterns, 1898
Kustarnaya Ulitsa, 1900 Sunset at the Outskirt of the Town, c.1900 On a Terrace. Evening in the Coutry, 1901
A Boulevard, 1902 Portrait of Nikolay Chichagov, 1902 Creek, 1902
Fedor Shalaypin as Demon in Rubinstein`s opera, 1903 Portrait of Ivan Morosov, 1903 At a Noblewoman, Sketch for the Ballet ‘The Goldfish’ by Ludwig Minkus, 1903
Southern Night, 1904 Yard, 1904 Portrait of Feodor Chaliapin, 1905
Cafe in Yalta, 1905 Paris, 1906 In the south, 1906
Paris.Boulevard des Capucines, 1906 Paris.Cafe de la Paix, 1906 In the south of France, 1908
Paris at Night. Boulevard des Italiens, 1908 Portrait of Nadezhda Komarovskaya, 1908 Roses.Evening, 1908
A Parisian Balcony, 1908 Autumn Landscape, 1909 Yaroslavna’s Lament, 1909
Slave of the queen retinue Shemakhan, 1909 Prince Golitsyn and the boyars, 1910 Red Square in Moscow, 1910
On a Sea Shore, 1910 Portrait of Nadezhda Komarovskaya, 1910 Pond, 1910
Margaret’s Garden, 1910 Tatar street in Yalta. Night., 1910 Refectory of the House of Ivan Khovansky, 1910
Bath Houses, c.1910 Still life, c.1910 Autumn.On Bridge, c.1910
Roses, c.1910 Castle-Capital, 1911 Winter, 1911
Paris at Night, 1911 Paris.Boulevard des Capucines., 1911 Hay Girls, 1911
A Street in Vichy, 1911 Lady with a Guitar, 1911 Portrait of Chaliapin, 1911
Portrait of a Woman, 1912 Alupka, 1912 A bouquet of paper roses, 1912
Boulevard in Paris, 1912 On the Square, 1912 Still life, 1912
Oriental slave market.Sketch of set for A.Adam`s and C. Pugni`s ballet, 1912 Portrait of a Hungarian Artist József Ripley Ronai, 1912 Roses and violets, 1912
Roses, fruit, wine, 1912 Roses, 1912 The Dance, 1912
Trading Pier in the Capital City.Sketch of set for C. Pugni`s ballet, 1912 Bird cherry, 1912 Moonlit Night. Winter, 1913
Old Moscow, 1913 Masquerade, 1913 Pier in the Crimea, 1913
Tmutarakan, 1913 Sketch for the opera, ‘The Tale of Tsar Saltan’, by Nikolai Rimsky Korsakov, 1913 Donate to victims of war. Dmitry Donskoy, 1914
Pier in Gurzuf, 1914 Gursuf, 1914 Winter, 1914
The Moskva River Bridge, 1914 Okhotino.September, 1915 Sevastopol Bazaar, 1915
Lilacs, 1915 Portrait of an Officer, 1916 Still Life, 1916
Girl with Guitar, 1916 Still Life with Portrait of Pertseva, 1916 Fish, Wine and Fruit, 1916
Fish, 1916 At the Open Windowx, 1916 Portrait of a Woman, 1917
Spring, 1917 Crimea.Gursuf, 1917 Roses in Blue Jugs, 1917
Woman with Guitar, 1919 In a Room, 1919 Portrait of Z. Pertseva, 1921
Portrait of Chaliapin, 1921 Portrait of a Woman, 1922 Bastille, 1928
Still Life with Fruit and Bottle, c.1930 Paris. Saint Denis Arc, c.1930 Paris, 1933
Self-portrait, 1938 Paris Boulevard, 1939 Pier in Arkhangelsk
Portrait of the Artist V. V. Wulf Young Woman on the Threshold On Terrace
St. Triphon`s Brook in Pechenega Winter twilight On the Shore of the Black Sea