Keith Haring Paintings

Keith Haring (1958–1990) was an American artist who became well known for his unique, bold style of pop art, which was heavily inspired by the New York street culture in the 1980s. His work was shown in several exhibitions throughout the 1980s and he achieved international popularity. Haring was also involved in social activism and used his work to promote AIDS awareness and safe sex practices. Sadly, Haring himself was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in 1988 which ultimately led to his early death in 1990. Before he passed away, he helped to establish the Keith Haring Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the education, research, and prevention of AIDS.

Paintings by Keith Haring in Chronological Order:

Untitled, 1981 Anti-Nuclear Rally, 1982 Installation Shafrazi Gallery 1982, 1982
Untitled, 1982 Montreux, 1983 Untitled, 1983
Untitled, 1983 Untitled, 1983 Untitled, 1983
Debbie Dick, 1984 The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, 1984 Untitled, 1984
Andy Mouse, 1985 Free South Africa, 1985 Moses and the Burning Bush, 1985
Portrait of Macho Camacho, 1985 Crack Is Wack, 1986 Andy Mouse, 1986
Andy Mouse, 1986 Crack Down, 1986 Keith and Julia, 1986
Untitled, 1986 Untitled, 1986 Boys Club Mural, 1987
Lucky Strike, 1987 Lucky Strike, 1987 Paris Mural, 1987
Pop Shop 1, 1987 Red-Yellow-Blue No.15, 1987 Untitled, 1987
Monkey Puzzle, 1988 Safe Sex, 1988 Toledo, 1988
Untitled, 1988 Brazil, 1989 Chocolate Buddha 1, 1989
Ignorance = Fear, 1989 Labyrinth, 1989 Piglet Goes Shopping, 1989
Pop Shop III, 1989 Radiant Baby (from Icons series), 1990 Fight Aids Worldwide, 1990
Flowers IV, 1990