Kathe Kollwitz Paintings

Kathe Kollwitz was a German artist who is mainly associated with the Expressionist movement, though her earlier works were rooted in realism. Her skills included painting, printmaking, and sculpture. She was born in 1867 and when she was twelve her father encouraged her to take drawing lessons. Kollwitz pursued a career as an artist and enrolled in an art school for women located in Berlin, this was where she was exposed to the work of Max Kinger. Kinger’s etchings, techniques, and social beliefs greatly inspired her own work.

In 1888 Kollwitz became engaged and continued her training at a women’s art school in Munich, while she studied here she found herself drawn to draughtsmanship rather than traditional paintings. Her stunning work came to life through her drawings where she explored Expressionism.

Paintings by Kathe Kollwitz in Chronological Order

Need, 1893-1897 Death, 1893-1897 Conspiracy, 1893-1897
Revolt (By the Gates of a Park), 1897 The End, 1897 The March of the Weavers in Berlin, 1897
Gretchen, 1899 Pregnant Woman with Folded Hands, 1898-1899 The Carmagnole (Dance Around the Guillotine), 1901
Woman with Dead Child, 1903 Outbreak, 1908 The Prisoners, 1908
Death and Woman (Self-Portrait), 1910 The Mothers, 1919 Memorial for Karl Liebknecht, 1919
The Parents, 1919 Killed in Action, 1921 The Widow I, 1921
The Sacrifice, 1922 The Volunteers, 1922 The Parents, 1922
The Widow II, 1922 The Mothers, 1922 The People, 1922
The Survivors, 1923 Old Man with Noose, 1923 Hunger, 1923
Bread!, 1924 Germany’s Children Starve!, 1924 Self-Portrait, 1924
Never Again War, 1924 Two Chatting Women with Two Children, 1930 Solidarity, 1932
Mother with Child, 1933 Death Seizing A Woman, 1934 Call of Death, 1934
Hospital Visit Mary and Elizabeth Death with Girl in Her Lap
Whetting the Scythe