Karl Marx Quiz

    1. What field is Karl Marx most famous for?
    a) Literature
    b) Philosophy
    c) Physics
    d) Music

    2. What is the economic and political theory developed by Karl Marx?
    a) Capitalism
    b) Socialism
    c) Communism
    d) Feudalism

    3. Which book did Karl Marx co-write with Friedrich Engels?
    a) Das Kapital
    b) The German Ideology
    c) The Communist Manifesto
    d) Grundrisse

    4. Which of the following concepts is central to Marx’s theory?
    a) The invisible hand
    b) The social contract
    c) Historical materialism
    d) The categorical imperative

    5. According to Marx, which social class would eventually overthrow the capitalist system?
    a) The bourgeoisie
    b) The aristocracy
    c) The proletariat
    d) The peasantry

    6. What is the term used by Marx to describe the exploitation of workers by capitalists?
    a) Alienation
    b) Surplus value
    c) The division of labor
    d) The falling rate of profit

    7. Which country did Karl Marx spend most of his life in exile?
    a) France
    b) Germany
    c) England
    d) Russia

    8. What is the name of the economic system that Marx believed would replace capitalism?
    a) Anarchism
    b) Socialism
    c) Fascism
    d) Mercantilism

    9. Which philosopher greatly influenced Karl Marx’s thought?
    a) Immanuel Kant
    b) John Locke
    c) Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
    d) Thomas Hobbes

    10. What was the name of the newspaper for which Marx worked as a journalist and editor?
    a) Neue Rheinische Zeitung
    b) The Guardian
    c) Le Monde
    d) Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

    11. Which of the following is NOT one of the goals listed in The Communist Manifesto?
    a) Abolition of private property
    b) Progressive income tax
    c) Free education for all children
    d) Establishing a central bank

    12. Who is the author of the famous quote, “Workers of the world, unite!”?
    a) Karl Marx
    b) Friedrich Engels
    c) Vladimir Lenin
    d) Leon Trotsky

    13. What did Karl Marx study at university?
    a) Law
    b) Philosophy
    c) Economics
    d) History

    14. What term did Marx use to describe the ideas and beliefs that justify and perpetuate the dominant social order?
    a) Ideology
    b) Utopianism
    c) False consciousness
    d) The superstructure

    15. In which city was Karl Marx born?
    a) Berlin, Germany
    b) Trier, Germany
    c) Paris, France
    d) London, England

Answer Key:

    1. b) Philosophy
    2. c) Communism
    3. c) The Communist Manifesto
    4. c) Historical materialism
    5. c) The proletariat
    6. b) Surplus value
    7. c) England
    8. b) Socialism
    9. c) Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
    10. a) Neue Rheinische Zeitung
    11. d) Establishing a central bank
    12. a) Karl Marx
    13. a) Law
    14. a) Ideology
    15. b) Trier, Germany