Julio Cesar Chavez

Julio Cesar Chavez
Born July 12, 1962
Nationality Mexican

Julio Cesar Chavez is a famous Mexican professional boxer. He is known as the greatest boxer from Mexico. He is known for winning the world championship title six times in three different weight categories during his career of 25 years.

He also holds record for successfully defending the world title more times than any other titleholder, for most number of title fight wins, the most number of title fights, and he had the longest winning streak of any boxer at about 13 years.

Early Years

Julio Cesar Chavez was born in Sonora, Mexico, on July 12, 1962. Chavez’s father, Rodolfo Chavez, used to work for the railroad and Chavez, along with his nine siblings (four brothers and five sisters), grew up in an abandoned railroad car. He was from a poor family and as a child, he saw his mother wash and iron clothes in order to earn money.

Chavez took up boxing in order to earn money to bring his family out of poverty. He began as an amateur boxer at the age of 16, shortly before moving to Culiacan to pursue his dream to become a professional boxer.

Early Boxing Career

Chavez began his professional boxing career in 1980, just a couple years after beginning his amateur career. He won the first major title, the WBC super featherweight title, in September of 1984. The fight was against Mexican boxer Mario “Azabache” Martinez, and it was held in Los Angeles at the Grand Olympic Auditorium. The next year, Chavez won against Ruben Castillo and Roger Mayweather.

Chavez won recognition as the world lightweight champion from the rival World Boxing Association when he knocked out Edwin Rosario in the eleventh round on November 21, 1987. The next year, Chavez defeated Mayweather for the second time to win the WBC light Wwelterweight title.

In 1989, he defeated Sammy Fuentes by the tenth round with a TKO. He gradually moved up to the junior welterweight ranks and won the WBC and the International Boxing Federation versions of the titles in 1989 and 1990 respectively.

Chavez vs. Taylor

Chavez’s fight against Meldrick Taylor, the former IBF light welterweight champion, was one of his most popular bouts. During the first few rounds, Taylor was winning, but Chavez knocked him out in a later round and won the final match. The fight was held on March 17, 1990.

Following this important victory, Chavez made a string of remarkable title defenses from 1990 to 1992. The fight against WBO light welterweight championship Hector “Macho” Camacho in September of 1992 was a clear win for Chavez. In 1993, he fought with Greg Haugen, a boxer who insulted Chavez and his culture, and won the match in front of a record number of fans. Chavez dismantled the trash-talking boxer and defeated the former lightweight champion after only five brutal rounds.

Later Years

Julio Cesar ChavezIn 1999, Chavez lost a fight to Willy Wise with a ten-round unanimous decision. At the age of 38, Chavez challenged Kostya Tszyu, the light welterweight champion, in 2000, but lost the bout in sixth round via a TKO. After these loses, Chavez obtained a victory over Terry Thomas in 2001 and decided to announce his retirement on a winning note.

However, in 2003, Chavez came out of retirement to avenge his defeat against Willy Wise a few years earlier. This time Chavez won the bout by knocking Wise out in the second round. Chavez went back in the ring for a fight in 2004 and 2005, and he won both of them. However, in 2005, Chavez lost a bout to Grover Wiley, after which he declared that he was finally retiring from his career in professional boxing.

Later during his career, Chavez got involved in to alcohol and drug abuse. He developed addiction for cocaine. He was sent to rehab multiple times until he recovered completely. These days Chavez remains sober and is completely out of addiction. He maintains good health and trains to stay in shape.

A Boxing Legacy

Chavez is ranked as #50 in Ring Magazine’s list of the greatest punchers of all time. At the time of his retirement, he had a record of 107-6-2.

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