Julian Alden Weir Paintings

Julian Alden Weir (August 30, 1852 – December 8, 1919) was an American impressionist painter. He was affiliated with the Cos Cob Art Colony near Greenwich, Connecticut. Weir was also one of “The Ten”, a loosely-connected group of American artists who are disappointed with professional art organizations, who came together in 1898 to exhibit their art as a stylistically unified group. Learn more »

Paintings by Julian Alden Weir in Chronological Order

At the Water Trough, 1877 A French Homestead, c.1878 The Flower Seller, c.1879
Union Square, c.1879 Silver Chalice with Roses, 1882 Fireside Dreams, 1887
Lengthening Shadows, 1887 Portrait of Cara, 1887 Still Life with Flowers, c.1887
Connecticut Scene, 1888 Idle Hours, 1888 Winter Landscape with Stream, c.1888
Silver Chalice, Japanese Bronze and Red Tapir, 1889 The Farmer”s Lawn, c.1889 The Road to No Where, 1889
Vase and Roses, 1889 Autumn Rain, 1890 Houses in Pasture, c.1890
In the Livingroom, c.1890 Roses in a Silver Bowl on a Mahogany Table, c.1890 The red bridge, 1890
Midday, 1891 Mother and Child, c.1891 The Grey Trellis, 1891
Landscape with Steeple, Wyndham, c.1892 Landscape with Stone Wall, Windham, c.1892 Willimantic Thread Factory, 1893
<img src="http://totallyhistory.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/the-laundry-branchville.by-weir-small.jpg" alt="" width="164" height="200" class="alignnone size-full blackjack wp-image-24395″ />
The Laundry, Branchville, c.1894 The Ice Cutters, 1895 Face Reflected in a Mirror, 1896
Girl Standing by a Gate, 1896 Noonday Rest in New England, 1897 The Factory Village, 1897
Summer, 1898 The Black Hat, 1898 The Veranda, 1900
Summer Afternoon, Shinnecock Landscape, 1902 After the Ride aka Visiting Neighbors, c.1903 At the Piano, c.1903
The Birches, 1903 Still Life, 1905 Upland Pasture, c.1905
The Blue Gown, c.1907 The Building of the Dam, 1908 On the Shore, c.1909
Overhanging Trees, c.1909 Girl in Black, c.1910 Little Lizie Lynch, c.1910
The Bridge Nocturne aka Nocturne Queensboro Bridge, 1910 The Letter, c.1910 Nassau, Bahamas, 1913
The Wharves, Nassau, 1913 Midsummer Landscape, 1914 Windham Village, c.1914
Ravine near Branchville, 1915 The Lace Maker, 1915 A Follower of Grolier
Autumn Days Branchville, Connecticut Cora
Flowers in a Delft Jug Girl Knitting Green Hills and Farmland
Ideal Head Landscape with Seated Figure Loading Ice
Mother and Child The Inlet The River Bend