Judy Chicago Artwork

Judy Chicago is an American feminist writer and artist known for her large collaborative artwork which explores the role of women in culture and history. Born as Judith Cohen in Chicago, Illinois, she changed her name after the death of her father and her first husband, choosing to stray from the ideology of male-dominant naming conventions.

By the 1970s, Chicago had pioneered feminist art and had founded the first feminist art program in the United States. Chicago’s work incorporates skills stereotypically identified with women, such as needlework, counteracted with stereotypical male skills such as pyrotechnics and welding. Learn more ยป

Artwork by Judy Chicago in Alphabetical Order

1 Set Gerowitz Rare Wood Blocks, No. 3, 1967 Big Blue Pink, 1971 Bigamy Hood, 1965
Dome Drawing #3A, 1968 Domes #1, 1968 Evening Fan, 1971
Mary Queen of Scots, 1973 Morning Fan, 1971 O For Your Scent, 1998
Optical Shapes #3, 1969 Pasadena Lifesavers Blue Series #2, 1970 Pasadena Lifesavers Red #5, 1970
Pasadena Lifesavers Red Series #2, 1970 Pasadena Lifesavers Yellow Series #2, 1970 Pasadena Lifesavers Yellow Series #5, 1969
Power Headache, 1984 Rainbow Pickett, 1965 Rainbow Shabbat, 1992
Sun Garden, 1971 The Dinner Party, 1979