Juan Gris Paintings

José Victoriano Carmelo Carlos González-Pérez ( 1887-1927), better known as Juan Gris, was a Cubist painter from Madrid. He studied at the Escuela de Artes y Manufacturas and he learned to paint with José Maria Carbonero. After his studies, Gris moved to Paris and began to establish himself among the local artists. He became friends with famous painters such as Henri Matisse, Georges Braque, Fernand Léger and Jean Metzinger. His distinct style of Cubism was apparent by 1912, which was the same year he began to show is work in galleries.

Paintings by Juan Gris in Chronological Order:

Portrait of Maurice Raynal, 1911 Three Lamps, 1910-1911 Bottles and Knife, 1911-1912
Guitar and Glass, 1912 Guitar and Glasses (Banjo and Glasses), 1912 Man in the Cafe, 1912
Portrait of Pablo Picasso, 1912 Still Life with Flowers, 1912 Still Life with Oil Lamp, 1911-1912
Bullfighter, 1913 Grapes, 1913 Guitar and Pipe, 1913
Guitar on a Chair, 1913 Guitar on the Table, 1913 Landscape at Ceret, 1913
Pears and grapes on a table, 1913 Photograph of Violin and Checkerboard, 1913 Saint Matorel, 1913
The Book, 1913 The Bull Fighter, 1913 The Siphon, 1913
Violin and ink bottle on a table, 1913 Violine and glass, 1913 A man in a cafe, 1914
Breakfast, 1914 Flowers, 1914 Fruit Bowl with Bottle, 1914
guitar-bottle-and-glass-1914 by Juan Gris


Guitar, Bottle and Glass, 1914 Musician’s table, 1914 Still Life, 1914
Still Life with Bottle and Glass, 1914 Tea Cups, 1914 The Bottle of Anis del Mono, 1914
The Bottle of Banyuls, 1914 The Glass ( The Fruit Bowl), 1914 The guitar, 1914
The Packet of Coffee, 1914 The Sunblind, 1914 The Violin, 1914
Tobacco, Newspaper and Bottle of Wine, 1914 A Pot of Geraniums, 1915 Fantomas, 1915
Guitar on a Table, 1915 Newspaper with Coffee Mill, 1915 Still Life (dedicated to Andre Salmon), 1915
Still Life before an Open Window (Place Ravignan), 1915 Still Life with Checked Tablecloth, 1915 The Checkerboard, 1915
The Bordeaux bottle, 1915 Violin and glass, 1915 Water bottle, Bottle, and Fruit dish, 1915
Fruit Dish, Glass and Newspaper, 1916 Lamp, 1916 Newspaper and Fruit Dish, 1916
Playing Cards and Siphon, 1916 Portrait of Madame Josette Gris, 1916, YEAR Still Life with Newspaper, 1916
Still Life with Newspaper, 1916 Still Life with White Tablecloth, 1916 The Coffee Grinder, 1916
The Garden, 1916 The Packet of Tobacco, 1916 The Pipe, 1916
Woman with a Mandolin (after Corot), 1916 Bottle of Beaune and a Fruit Dish, 1917 Newspaper, Glass and Pear, 1917
Seltzer Bottle and Glass, 1917 Still Life on a Chair, 1917 Strawberry Jam, 1917
The Sideboard, 1917 Guitar and Fruit Bowl on a Table, 1918 Harlequin at Table, 1918
Landscape at Beaulieu, -1918 Man from Touraine, 1918 Seated Peasant Woman, 1918
Photograph of The Guitar, 1918 Pipe and Fruit Dish with Grapes, 1918 Still Life with Fruit Bowl, 1918
Still Life with Newspaper, 1918 The Miller, 1918 Violin and Glass, 1918
Clown, 1919 Harlequin at a Table, 1919 Harlequin with Guitar, 1919
Pierrot, 1919 Still Life with Lamp, 1919 Still life with fruit bowl and mandolin, 1919
Carafe and Book, 1920 Guitar and Clarinet, 1920 Harlequin, 1920
Still Life with Guitar, 1920 Pierrot, 1921 Portrait Daniel Henry Kahnweiler, 1921
The Bay, 1921 The Cloud, 1921 The mountain ‘Le Canigou’, 1921
The Open Window, 1921 The Table in Front of the Window, 1921 View across the Bay, 1921
Harlequin, 1922 Pierrot, 1922 Pierrot with Guitar, 1922
Still life, 1922 Still Life in Front of the Wiindow, 1922 The Book of Music, 1922
The Dice, 1922 Two Pierrots, 1922 Open Window with Hills, 1923
Portrait of a Man, 1923 Seated Harlequin, 1923 The Three Masks, 1923
Fruit Dish and Glass, 1924 The Bunch of Grapes, 1924 Violin with Fruit, 1924
Book and Guitar, 1925 Pierrot with Guitar, 1925 Still Life at the Open Windowq, 1925
Table Overlooking the Sea, 1925 The Basket of Pears, 1925 The Blue Cloth, 1925
The Guitar with Inlay, 1925 The Open Book, 1925 The Open Book, 1925
The Painter`s Window, 1925 Fruit with Bowl, 1926 The Reader, 1926
The Table in Front of the Picture, 1926 Bowl and Book, 1926-1927 Guitar and Music Paper, 1926-1927
The Goblet, 1927 Woman With Basket, 1927 Beer Glass and Cards


Book, Pipe and Glasses Bottle and Pitcher Bottle, Glass and Newspaper
Compotier, Carafe and Open Book Figs Fruit and Book
Fruit Bowl with Bottle Fruit Bowl, Book and Newspaper Fruit Bowl, Pipe and Newspaper
Fruit dish, glass and lemon (Still life with nerwspape) Girl Glass, Cup and Bottle
Glasses, Newspaper and Bottle of Wine Guitar and Fruit Dish Guitar and Fruit Dish
Harlequin Harlequin with Violin Still Life with Goblet

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