John William Godward Paintings

John William Godward (1861-1922) was an English painter and Victorian Neoclassicist. He was inspired stylistically by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema and many of his paintings consist of beautifully composed portraits of women wearing classical attire. During the late 1880’s, his paintings were regularly exhibited at the Royal Academy and the Royal Society of British Artists. Unfortunately, with the rise of modern art, Godward’s style of Neoclassicism eventually lost popularity and after battling depression, the artist took his own life on December 13, 1922.

Paintings by John William Godward in Chronological Order:

Ianthe, 1889 Ophelia, 1889 Pompeian Girl, 1889
His Birthday Gift, 1889 Waiting for an Answer, 1889 The Flowers of Venus, 1890
An Idle Hour, 1890 A Pompeian Lady, 1891 Innocent Amusements, 1891
The Engagement Ring, c.1891 The Sweet Siesta of a Summer Day, 1891 A Classical Beauty, 1892
The Betrothed, 1892 Girl with a Mirror, 1892 Far Away Thoughts, 1892
Leaning on the Balcony, 1892 Liegende, 1893 Yes or No, 1893
Endymion, 1893 The Muse Erato at her Lyre, 1895 Idle Moments, 1895
An Auburn Beauty, 1895 Mischief and Repose, 1895 The Siesta, 1895
The Priestess, 1895 A Flower Seller, 1896 Head of a Girl (also known as The Priestess), 1896
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, 1896 A Stitch in Time (Idle Thoughts), 1898 At the Gate of the Temple, 1898
The Ring, 1898 The Bouquet, 1899 Idleness, 1900
Autumn, 1900 The Jewel Casket, 1900 Sweet Dreams, 1901
The Favourite, 1901 At the Garden Door, 1901 Youth and Time, 1901
An Italian Girls Head, 1902 Girl with Red Rose, 1902 Ionian Dancing Girl, 1902
With Violets Wreathed and Robe of Saffron Hue, 1902 Young Girl Picking Grapes, 1902 Contemplation, 1903
The Old, Old Story, 1903 Summer Flowers, 1903 The Rendezvous, 1903
Amaryllis, 1903 The Old, Old Story, 1903 Dolce Far Niente, 1904
A Melody, 1904 In the Days of Sappho, 1904 A Greek Beauty, 1905
A Roman Matron, 1905 Flabellifera, c.1905 Flabellifera, 1905
Leisure Hours, 1905 Nerissa, 1906 Drusilla, 1906
The Tambourine Girl, 1906 Grecian Idyll, 1907 A Classical Lady, 1908
A Grecian Girl, 1908 Ismenia, 1908 Phyleis, 1908
Atalanta, 1908 The Tambourine Girl, 1909 The Tambourine Player, 1909
A Grecian Lovely, 1909 A Classical Beauty, 1909 Noon Day Rest, 1910
A Cool Retreat, 1910 Sappho, 1910 In Realms of Fancy, 1911
On the Balcony, 1911 A Tryst, 1912 Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder, 1912
Sabinella, 1912 An Offering to Venus, 1912 By the Wayside, 1912
Landscape: Blossoming Red Almond (study), c.1912 Reverie, 1912 The Peacock Fan, 1912
The Love Letter, 1913 The Belvedere, 1913 The Thoughtful One, 1913
Golden Hours, 1913 The New Perfume, 1914 Cassotis, 1914
Tranquillity, 1914 Stesicrate, 1914 In the Prime of the Summer Time, 1915
A Congenial Task, 1915 Ancient Pastimes, 1916 By the Blue Ionian Sea, 1916
The Time of Roses, 1916 Rich Gifts Wax Poor When Lovers Prove Unkind, 1916 A Pompeian Lady, 1916
Lesbia with her Sparrow, 1916 Under the Blossom that Hangs on the Bough, 1917 Tender Thoughts, 1917
A Lily Pond, 1917 The Fruit Vendor, 1917 Reflections, 1918
Lycinna, 1918 The Signal, 1918 A Song without Words, 1919
A Souvenir, 1920 Megilla, 1921 Contemplation, 1922
Reverie (Study) A Classical Beauty A Classical Beauty
At the Garden Shrine, Pompeii Mischief A Classical Beauty With A Peacock
A Quiet Pet A Classical Beauty In Profile

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