John Singleton Copley Paintings

John Singleton Copley (1738 – 1815) was an American painter from Boston, Massachusetts. He was the son of Irish parents, Mary Singleton Copley and Richard Copley. He is most known for his paintings of prominent people in colonial New England, particularly conveying middle-class subjects. In his paintings, Copley tended to portray artifacts associated with these individuals. Learn more »

Paintings by John Singleton Copley in Chronological Order

Charles Pelham, c.1753-1754 Portrait of a Woman, 1755 The Gore Children, c.1755
Ann Tyng, 1756 Gregory Towsend, 1756 Theodore Atkinson Jr, c.1757-1758
Thomas Aston Coffin, 1758 Mary and Elizabeth Royall, c.1758 Thomas Greene, 1758
Hugh Hall, 1758 Moses Gill, c.1759 Eunice Dennie Burr, 1758-1760
Henry Pelham, c.1760 Thaddeus Burr, 1758-1760 Mrs.Samuel Quincy, c.1761
James Warren, c.1763 John Spooner, 1763 Mrs. Daniel Sargent (Mary Turner Sargent), 1763
Mrs. Nathaniel Allen (Sarah Sargnet), c.1763 Portrait of Nathaniel Allen, 1763 John Bours, 1763
Mrs.Alice Hooper, c.1763 Mrs.James Warren (Mercy Otis), c.1763 Mrs.John Scoally (Mercy Greenleaf), 1763
Portrait of Mrs.Gawen Brown, 1763 Mrs. Jerathmael Bowers, c.1763 Mrs.John Murray (Lucretia Chandler), 1763
Mrs. Anna Dummer Powell, 1764 Mrs. Samuel Hill, c.1764 Epes Sargent II, c.1764
Lydia Lynde, c.1762-c.1764 Moses Gill, 1764 Mrs.Daniel Hubbard (Mary Greene), 1764
Mrs.Epes Sargent, 1764 Nathaniel Sparhawk, 1764 Boy with Squirrel (Henry Pelham), 1765
Lucretia Hubbard Towsend, 1765 Portrait of Elizabeth Deering Wentworth Gould Rogers (also known as Mr. Nathaniel Rogers), c.1765 Portrait of Joseph Warren, c.1765
John Hancock, 1765 Mrs.George Watson (Elizabeth Oliver), 1765 Mrs.Theodore Atkinson Jr, 1765
Mrs.Thomas Boylston, 1766 Portrait of Nathaniel Hurd, 1765-1766 Mrs. Sylvanus Bourne, 1766
Mrs. William Turner (Ann Dumaresq), 1767 Portrait of Mrs. George Turner, c.1767 Rebecca Boylston, 1767
Young lady with a bird and dog, 1767 Martin Howard, 1767 Mrs.Woodbury Langdon, 1767
Portrait of Rebecca Boylston, 1767 Woodbury Langdon, 1767 Reverend Myles Cooper, 1768-1769
Self-portrait, 1769 Isaac Smith, 1769 Jeremiah Lee, 1769
Mrs. Isaac Smith, 1769 Mrs.Jeremiah Lee (Martha Swett), c.1769 Mrs.William Eppes, 1769
Nicholas Boylston,, c.1769 Portrait of General Thomas Gage, 1768-1769 Ebenezer Storer, 1767-1769
Mrs. Ebenezer Storer (Mary Edwards), 1767-1769 Paul Revere, c.1768-1770 Elizabeth Goldthwaite (Mrs. Alexander Cumming), 1770
Lemuel Cox, 1770 Mrs. James Russell (Katherine Graves), c.1770 Joseph Sherburne, 1767-1770
Ezekiel Goldthwait, 1771 Mrs. Joseph Barrell (Hannah Fitch), 1771 Mrs. Roger Morris (Mary Philipse), 1771
Colonel John Montresor, 1771 Miles Sherbrook, 1771 Mrs. Thomas Gage, 1771
Mrs.Ezekiel Gondthwait (Elizabeth Lewis), 1771 Mrs.Humphrey Devereux, 1771 Portrait of a Lady, 1771
Portrait of Mrs.Paul Richard, 1771 Potrait of Thomas Flucker, 1770-1771 Daniel Crommelin Verplanck, 1771
Gulian Verplanck, 1771 Samuel Verplanck,, 1771 Portrait of Mrs. John Stevens (Judith Sargent, later Mr. John Murray), 1772
Dorothy Quincy, c.1772 Eleazer Tyng, 1772 John Hancock, 1770-1772
Mrs. Joshua Henshaw II, c.1772 Mrs.Richard Skinner, 1772 Samuel Adams, c.1770-c.1772
Sylvester Gardiner, c.1772 Thomas Amory II, c.1770-c.1772 William Vassall and His Son Leonard,, c.1770-c.1772
Mrs. Moses Gill (Rebecca Boylston), 1773 Mr.and Mrs.Isaac Winslow, 1773 Mr.and Mrs.Thomas Mifflin, 1773
Reverend Thomas Cary, c.1770-c.1773 Mrs. John Winthrop (Hannah Fayerweather), 1773 Abigail Smith Babcock, c.1774
Study for The Ascension, 1774 Mrs. Elizabeth Coffin Amory, 1775 The Ascension, 1775
Mr.and Mrs.Ralph Izard, 1775 Portrait of Familie Copley, 1776 The Nativity, 1776-1777
Head of a Negro, 1777-1778 Mrs.Seymour Fort, c.1778 Sir William Pepperrell and Family, 1778
Clark Gayton, Admiral of the White, 1779 Mrs.Clark Gayton, 1779 Painting of Samuel learning from Eli, 1780
Portrait of Hugh Montgomerie, 12th Earl of Eglinton, 1780 Elkanah Watson, 1782 Henry Laurens, 1782
Latitia F. Balfour, 1782 Richard Heber, 1782 The Tribute Money, 1782
Watson and the Shark, 1782 Midshipman Augustus Brine, 1782 Study for The Tribute Money, 1782
Portrait of a Gentleman, c.1767-1783 The Siege and Relief of Gibraltar, 1783 The Western Brothers, 1783
Mrs.Daniel Denison Rogers, c.1784 Self-portrait, 1784 The Major Peirson’s Death, 1782-1784
The three youngest daughters of George III, 1785 The Stillwell Family, 1786 Study for The Siege of Gibraltar, 1785-1786
Study for The Siege of Gibraltar, Figures Scaling Floating Battery Cannon, 1785-1786 Duncan Stewart of Ardsheal, 1793 The Red Cross Knight, 1793
Charles Cornwallis, First Marquis of Cornwallis, c.1795 John Quincy Adams, 1796 Henry Addington, First Viscount Sidmouth, 1797-1798
Saul Reproved by Samuel for Not Obeying the Commandments of the Lord, 1798 The Victory of Lord Duncan, 1789-1799 Fitch sisters, 1800
John, 2nd Viscount Dudley and Ward, c.1782-1803 Baron Graham, 1804 George John, 2nd Earl Spencer, 1799-1806
George IV, c.1809 Sailors Maneuvering a Cannon, 1810 Two Equestrian Figures, 1803-1813
Portrait of William Murray, 1815 Anne Erving, Mrs.Duncan Stewart George Augustus Eliott, 1st Baron Heathfield
Governor John Wentworth Portrait of George John Spencer, 2nd Earl Spencer Portrait of Mrs. Benjamin Pickman (Mary Toppan)
Portrait of the Salem Samuel Barrington Epes Sargent

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