John Henry Twachtman Paintings

John Henry Twachtman (August 4, 1853 – August 8, 1902) was an American painter who became famous for his impressionist landscapes, though throughout his career he developed a varied style. Many art historians say that Twachtman’s own style of American Impressionism is more experimental and personal than the rest of his generation. He was part of an alliance of American artists, “the Ten,” who were dissatisfied with professional art organizations at the time. Learn more »

Paintings by John Henry Twachtman in Chronological Order

Tuckerman’s Ravine, 1873 Tuckerman’s Ravine, c.1874 A Venetian Scene, 1877
View near Polling, c.1877 View of Venice, 1877 Boat at Bulkhead, c.1878
Campo Santa Marta, c.1878 Canal, Venice, c.1878 Landscape, 1878
Road Scene, Cincinnati, 1878 San Trovaso Square, Venice, c.1878 Ship and Dock, Venice, c.1878
The Grand Canal, Venice, 1878 Venetian Sailing Vessel, 1878 Venice, c.1878
View of Venice, 1878 End of the Pier, New York Harbor, 1879 Harbor View, 1879
New York Harbor, 1879 New York Harbor, c.1879 Oyster Boats, North River, 1879
Back of Coney Island, c.1880 Cincinnati Landscape, 1880 Coney Island From Brighton Pier, c.1880
Dredging in the East River, c.1880 Landscape, 1880 Evening, c.1881
Landscape With Houses and Stream, 1881 The Inlet, c.1881 Venice, 1881
Windmill in the Dutch Countryside, c.1881 Windmills, Dordrecht, c.1881 A Summer Day, 1882
An Early Winter, c.1882 Avondale Ohio, 1882 Bloody Run, 1882
Coastal View, 1882 Dark Trees, Cincinnati, 1882 Gray Day, 1882
Landscape, 1882 Snow Scene, 1882 Twachtman’s Home, Avondale, Ohio, c.1882
Winter in Cincinnati, c.1882 Winter Landscape, 1882 Etang (also known as The Pond), c.1884
French River Scene, 1884 Mouth of the Seine, 1884 Springtime, c.1884
Arques Battle, 1885 Dutch Landscape, 1885 Moonlight, Flanders, c.1885
Near Paris, c.1885 Sailing Boats, Dieppe Harbor, 1885 Scene along a Dutch River, c.1885
The Quai, Venice, c.1885 View along a River, c.1885 Windmills, c.1885
Winter Landscape with Barn, c.1885 Abandoned Mill, c.1888 Abandoned Mill, c.1888
Along the River, Winter, c.1888 Branchville Fields, c.1888 Middlebrook Farm, c.1888
Branchville, c.1889 Bridgeport, c.1889 Dock at Newport, c.1889
Hollyhocks, c.1889 Newport Harbor, c.1889 Paradise Rocks, Newport, 1889
The Landing, Newport, c.1889 Tree by a Road, 1889 Waterside Scene, c.1889
Snow Scene, c.1890 The Winding Brook, 1890 Twachtman’s House, c.1890
Winter, c.1890 Brook among the Trees, 1891 Connecticut Landscape, 1891
Country House in Winter, 1891 Farm Scene, 1891 Flowers, 1891
Flowers, 1891 Landscape, c.1891 Path in the Hills, Branchville, Connecticut, c.1891
Spring Landscape, 1891 The Ledges, c.1891 Tiger Lilies, c.1891
Trees in a Nursery, c.1891 Weeds and Flowers, 1891 Wild Flowers, c.1891
Wildflowers, c.1891 Haystacksat Edge of Woods, c.1892 Hollyhocks, c.1892
Meadow Flowers (Golden Rod and Wild Aster), c.1892 Artist’s House, Greenwich, Connecticut, c.1893 Brook in Winter, 1893
Connecticut Shore, Winter, c.1893 Court of Honor, World’s Columbian Exposiition, 1893 Frozen Brook, c.1893
In the Sunlight, c.1893 Last Touch of Sun, 1893 Mother and Child, c.1893
Sea Scene, 1893 Spring Landscape (also known as Spring in Marin County), c.1893 The Cabbage Patch, 1893
The Chicago World’s Fair, Illinois Building, 1893 Fountain, World’s Fair, c.1894 Hemlock Pool (aka Autumn), c.1894
House in Snow, c.1894 Niagara, 1894 Niagara Falls, c.1894
Niagara Falls, c.1894 Niagara Gorge, c.1894 Reflections, 1894
Winter Landscape, c.1894 Artist’s Home in Autumn, Greenwich, Connecticut, 1895 Artist’s Home Seen from the Back, c.1895
Canyon in the Yellowstone, c.1895 Connecticut Landscape, 1895 Edge of the Emerald Pool, Yellowstone, 1895
Emerald Pool, 1895 Emerald Pool 2, 1895 End of Winter, 1895
Falls in January, 1895 Flower Garden, c.1895 Icebound, c.1895
Morning Glory Pool, Yellowstone, c.1895 Sailing in the Mist, c.1895 Sailing in the Mist, c.1895
Study of a Head, c.1895 Study of a Landscape, 1895 The Artist’s House through the Trees (also known as Autumn Afternoon), c.1895
The Rapids, Yellowstone, c.1895 Three Trees, c.1895 Waterfall in Yellowstone, c.1895
Waterfall in Yellowstone, 1895 Waterfall, Yellowstone, c.1895 Wildflowers, c.1895
Winter Scene, c.1895 Yellowstone Park, c.1895 Yellowstone Park, 1895
Figure in a Landscape, c.1896 Irises, c.1896 Landscape, c.1896
The Little Bridge, c.1896 From the Upper Terrace, 1897 Mother and Child, c.1897
Niagara Falls, 1897 On the Terrace, c.1897 The Shore, c.1897
The White Bridge, c.1897 Fish Sheds and Schooner, Gloucester, 1898 Waterfall, c.1898
Winter, c.1898 A Garden Path, 1999 Azaleas, 1999
Cos Cob, 1899 Flower Still Life, 1899 Greenwich Garden, 1899
May Morn, c.1899 November Haze (aka Upland Pastures), 1899 Road over the Hill, c.1899
Road Scene, 1899 Snow Scene at Utica, c.1899 Spring, 1899
Spring Stream, c.1899 Summer, 1899 Summer Landscape, 1899
The Cascade in Spring, c.1899 The Hidden Pool, 1899 The Portico, c.1899
Tiger Lilies, c.1899 Upland Pastures, c.1899 Waterfall, 1899
Waterfall, Greenwich, c.1899 Afternoon Shadows, 1900 Barnyard, 1900
Beach at Squam, 1900 Boats at Anchor, c.1900 Fog and Small Sailboats, 1900
Gloucester Harbor, c.1900 Gloucester Schooner, c.1900 Gloucester Harbor 2, 1900
Harbor Scene, c.1900 Hayrick, 1900 Hemlock Pool, c.1900
In the Garden, c.1900 My House, 1900 My Summer Studio, c.1900
Old Holley House, 1900 Round Hill Road, 1900 ccSnowbound, 1900
Spring Morning, c.1900 The Brook, Greenwich, Connecticut, c.1900 The Brook, Greenwich, Connecticut (aka Horseneck Falls, Greenwich, Connecticut), 1900
The Cascade, c.1900 The Rainbow`s Source, 1900 The Torrent, c.1900
The White Bridge, c.1900 The White Bridge, c.1900 Under the Wharves, c.1900
Winter Harmony, c.1900 Winter Landscape, 1900 Winter Silence, 1900
Bark and Schooner (also known as An Italian Barque), c.1901 Bridge in Winter, 1901 Gloucester, Fishermen’s Houses, c.1901
October, c.1901 The End of the Rain, 1901 Tulip Tree, Greenwich, c.1901
View from the Holley House, c.1901 View from the Holley House, c.1901 View from the Holley House, Winter, c.1901
Waterfront Scene Gloucester, c.1901 Wild Cherry Tree, c.1901 Aboard a Steamer, 1902
Autumn-Mists, c.1902 Balcony in Winter, 1902 Boat Landing, c.1902
Fish Sheds, Gloucester, Massachusetts, 1902 Gloucester, 1902 Gloucester Boats, c.1902
Harbor Scene, c.1902 Harbor View Hotel, c.1902 In the Greenhouse, c.1902
Landscape, 1902 Little Giant, c.1902 Summer Afternoon, c.1902
The Old Mill at Cos Cobb, c.1902 Cascades Waterfall Country Path
Fishing Boats at Gloucester Flowers Gloucester Harbor
Greenwich Hills in Winter Horseneck Falls Landscape
Niagara Falls Pasture with Barns, Cos Cob Snow Scene
Summer Late The Boat Yard The Campanile, Late Afternoon
The Christmas Tree The Summer House The Waterfall
Trees Across the River Tuscan Landscape Winter
Winter Landscape Winter Landscape, Cincinnati Winter Scene
Woodland Stream in a Winter Landscape Woodland-Stream