John Constable Paintings

John Constable (June 11, 1776 – March 31, 1837), from Suffolk, England, was a Romantic painter. He is known mainly for his Dedham Vale landscape paintings. Dedham Vale was the area surrounding his home (Constable Country). Learn more »

Paintings by John Constable in Chronological Order

Dedham Church and Vale, 1800 A Lane near Dedham, 1802 Wooded Landscape, 1801-1802
View towards Dedham, 1808 Portrait of Mary Freer, 1809 View at Epsom, 1809
A Church Porch, 1810 East Bergholt Rectory, 1810 Landscape with Cottages, 1810
Willy Lot’s House, 1810 The edge of a Heath by moonlight, 1810 A Lane near Flatford, 1810-1811
Boats on the Stour, 1811 Dedham Vale: Morning, 1811 Flatford Mill from a Lock on the Stour, 1811
East Bergholt Church, 1811 A Hayfield near East Bergholt at Sunset, 1812 Landscape Evening, c.1812
Landscape with a Double Rainbow, 1812 Landscape: Boys Fishing, 1813 View Towards The Rectory From East Bergholt House, 1813
Celebration of the General Peace of 1814 in East Bergholt, 1814 Flowers in a glass vase, c.1814 Landscape Ploughing Scene In Suffolk, 1814
The Stour Valley with the Church of Dedham, 1814 Hampstead Stormy Sky, 1814 Boat Building, 1815
Golding Constable’s Flower Garden, 1815 Golding Constable’s Kitchen Garden, 1815 The Mill Stream, 1814-1815
Portrait of Maria Bicknell, 1816 Weymouth Bay, c.1816 Weymouth Bay with Jordan Hill, 1816
Wivenhoe Park, 1816 A Cottage in a Cornfield, 1817 Flatford Mill, 1817
Dedham Lock and Mill, 1818 Mrs. James Pulham Sr., 1818 Branch Hill Pond Hampstead, 1819
The White Horse, 1819 Dedham Lock and Mill, 1820 Hampstead Heath, c.1820
Salisbury Cathedral from Lower Marsh Close, 1820 Stratford Mill, c.1820 Stratford Mill, c.1820
The Low Lighthouse and Beacon Hill, c.1820 The view of Salisbury Cathedral from the river, with the house of the Archdeacon Fischer, 1820 View of Salisbury, c.1820
Water Meadows near Salisbury, 1820 Cloud Study, 1821 Malvern Hall, c.1821
Spring Ploughing, 1821 Study of the Trunk of an Elm Tree, 1821 The Hay Wain, 1821
A View On The Stour Near Dedham, 1822 Cloud Study, 1822 Spring clouds study, 1822, 1822
The Grove or Admiral’s House, 1821-1822 Yarmouth Pier, 1822 The Admiral’s House (The Grove), 1820-1823
View of Salisbury Cathedral from the Bishop’s Grounds, c.1823 Brighton Beach with colliers, 1824 Shoreham Bay near Brighton, 1824
Sketch for The Leaping Horse, 1824 The Lock, 1824 The Leaping Horse, c.1825
The Young Waltonians, c.1819-c.1825 A Mill at Gillingham in Dorset, c.1826 Country road, c.1826
The Cornfield, 1826 Marine Parade and Old Chain Pier, 1827 Seascape Study with Rain Cloud, c.1827
Rainstorm over the Sea, 1824-1828 The Vale of Dedham, 1828 Hadleigh Castle, 1829
Old Sarum, 1829 Salisbury Cathedral From the Meadows, 1831 The Opening of Waterloo Bridge seen from Whitehall Stairs, c.1832
Foord Rd Mill, Folkestone, 1833 Hampstead, 1833 Old Sarum, 1834
View of Highgate from Hampstead Heath, c.1834 Die Valley Farm, 1835 Stonehenge, 1835
View on the River Severn at Worcester, 1835 Hampstead Heath with a Rainbow, 1836 Arundel Mill and Castle, 1837
Cottage, Rainbow, Mill,, c.1830-c.1837 Scene on a River 1, c.1830-c.1837 Scene on a River 2, c.1830-c.1837
A Boat at the Sluice A Windmill near Brighton Autumn berries and flowers in brown pot
Autumn Sunset Beach in Brighto Brighton Beach
Coast scene with breaking cloud Sun Fokstone harbour Helmingham Dell
Ladies From The Family Of Mr William Mason Of Colchester Nuvens Pond in Branchhill
Salisbury cathedral SelfPortrait Somerset House Terrace and the Thames A View from the North End of Waterloo Bridge with St. Paul’s Cathedral in the distance
Stour valley and Dedham village Study for poppies Study for The Leaping Horse (View on the Stour)
Study of tree trunks The Harvest Field The Leaping Horse
Traveller Victory View on the Stour
Cenotaph to the Memory of Sir Joshua Reynolds Shoreham Bay, Evening Sunset Sunset study of Hampstead, looking towards Harrow

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