Johannes Vermeer Paintings

Johannes Vermeer (1632 – December 15, 1675) was a Dutch painter. He focused his scenes on middle class life. Vermeer became a provincial and moderately successful painter in his life. He was never very wealthy, leaving his wife and children in debt at his death. Vermeer worked carefully and slowly, applying bright colors and sometimes expensive pigments. He is well-known for his extraordinary use and treatment of light in his art. Learn more »

Paintings by Johannes Vermeer in Chronological Order

Diana and her Companions, c.1653-c.1654 The Procuress, 1656 Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window, 2657
A maid asleep, c.1656-c.1657 Officer and Laughing Girl, c.1657 Saint Praxedis, c.1659
A Lady and Two Gentlemen, c.1659 The Little Street, c.1658-c.1660 The glass of wine, c.1658-1660
The Milkmaid, c.1660 Girl interrupted at her music, c.1658-c.1661 View on Delft, c.1660-c.1661
Young Woman with a Pearl Necklace, c.1662 Woman reading a letter (Woman in Blue Reading a Letter), c.1662-c.1663 The Concert, c.1664
Woman with a lute, c.1662-c.1664 The Girl with a Pearl Earring, c.1665 The music lesson, c.1662-c.1665
Woman Holding a Balance, c.1665 Young Woman with a Water Pitcher, c.1662-c.1665 A lady writing, c.1665-c.1666
Girl with a Flute, c.1666 Girl with the red hat, c.1665-c.1667 Mistress and Maid (Lady with Her Maidservant Holding a Letter ), c.1666-c.1667
Study of a young woman, c.1665-c.1667 The Art of Painting, c.1666-c.1668 The astronomer, 1668
The Geographer, c.1668-c.1669 The Love Letter, c.1669 Lady Writing a Letter with Her Maid, c.1670
The Lacemaker, c.1669-c.1671 A Lady Standing at a Virginal, c.1670-c.1672 A young woman seated at a virginal (A Lady Seated at a Virginal), c.1670-c.1672
A young woman seated at the virginals (A young woman seated at the virginal), c.1670-c.1672 Young woman playing a guitar, c.1670-c.1672 Allegory on Faith, c.1671-c.1674
A Young Woman Reading Christ in the House of Martha and Mary The Procuress, detail (supposed self-portrait)