Johannes Itten Paintings

Johannes Itten (1888 – 1967) was a Swiss artist and teacher. He taught at his own private art school in Vienna as well as the Bauhaus school. During his time as a teacher at the Bauhaus, he developed a very important “preliminary course” which broke down the fundamentals of art in such a way that was very helpful for students. Itten’s work is considered abstract expressionist. He is most well known for his contributions to color theory and his application of the four seasons to color are still used today by cosmetologists.

Paintings by Johannes Itten in Chronological Order:

Horizontal Vertical, 1915 The Meeting, 1916 Der Bachsänger (Helge Lindberg), 1916
Untitled, 1918 Waldrandblumen, 1919 Sitting Woman, 1919
Linienrhythmus, 1919 Komposition, 1919 Farbenkugel in 7 Lichtstufen und 12 Tönen, 1921
Children’s Portraits, 1921-1922 Haus Des Weissen Mannes, 1921-1924 Bewegungsstudie II, 1935
Bergsee (A Mountain Lake), 1936 Formfiguren, 1936 Abstract Figures, 1949
Farbformen und Struktuten, 1953 Plumen, 1957 Composition in Orange and Blue-Green, 1957
African, 1958 Moonlit Landscape, 1958 Flames, 1961
Kreise und Quadrate, 1963 Die Fremden Kreise, 1963 Happy Island, 1965
Plakat für Ausstellung Baden-Baden, 1965 Education, 1966 Untitled, 1966
Grn-Blau-Rot, 1967 Untitled Untitled
Die Kontraste Portrait of a Girl Tower of Fire, parametric model
Häuser im Schwarzwald Plumen