Joan of Arc’s Visions

Joan of Arc is said to have experienced a number of visions throughout her life, many of which were related to her religious beliefs and her sense of divine mission. One of the most famous of these visions occurred when Joan was still a young girl, around the age of 13.

According to Joan’s own testimony, she was in her father’s garden when she saw a bright light and heard a voice that she identified as belonging to the archangel Michael. The voice told her that she had been chosen by God to help the king of France and lead his armies to victory against the English.

Over the next several years, Joan continued to experience visions and to hear voices that she believed were messages from God. She saw herself as a kind of divine messenger, sent to help the French defeat their enemies and restore the rightful king to the throne.

These visions were a central part of Joan’s sense of purpose and identity, and they played a key role in her decision to leave her home and join the French army. Despite facing significant opposition and skepticism from many of the people around her, Joan remained steadfast in her belief in her divine mission and continued to follow the guidance of her visions throughout her life.

Inspired by her visions, Joan of Arc traveled to the city of Orléans in 1429, which was under siege by the English. She convinced the commander of the French army to allow her to lead a charge against the English, and her leadership and bravery helped to secure a decisive victory for the French. This victory marked a turning point in the war, and Joan became a hero to the French people.

Over the next few months, Joan led the French army to several more victories, including the recapture of the city of Reims, where the French king was crowned. Throughout her military campaigns, Joan continued to receive visions and revelations that she believed guided her actions and decisions.