Joan of Arc Timeline

Joan of Arc Timeline in Chronological Order


1412 Joan of Arc is born in Domrémy, a village in northeastern France, to Jacques d’Arc and Isabelle Romée.
1425 Joan begins to experience visions of saints and angels, including Saint Michael the Archangel, Saint Catherine of Alexandria, and Saint Margaret of Antioch.
1428 The English lay siege to Orléans, a French city that was a key strategic point in the conflict known as the Hundred Years’ War.

Joan meets with the Dauphin, Charles VII, and convinces him to support her mission to drive the English out of France.

May 6. Joan leads a French army to victory at the Battle of Orléans, lifting the English siege of the city.

June 18. Joan leads the French to victory at the Battle of Patay, defeating a larger English force and opening the way for the Dauphin to be crowned King of France.

July 17. Charles VII is crowned King of France at Reims, with Joan by his side.

1430 May 23. Joan is captured by the Burgundians, who were allies of the English, while she was attempting to relieve the siege of Compiègne.

Joan is tried for heresy and witchcraft in Rouen, France. During her trial, she is subjected to interrogation, torture, and intimidation. She is accused of dressing as a man, claiming to hear voices, and leading armies against the English.

May 30. Joan is burned at the stake in Rouen. As she is dying, she asks for a cross to be held up in front of her and cries out the name of Jesus.

1456 An inquisitorial court retrials Joan and declares her innocent of all charges. Her trial is recognized as a gross miscarriage of justice.
1909 Joan of Arc is beatified by the Catholic Church, which recognizes her as a martyr for the faith.
1920 Joan of Arc is canonized by the Catholic Church and becomes a saint. She is recognized as the patron saint of France.