Joan Miró Paintings

Joan Miró i Ferrà (April 20, 1893 – December 25, 1983), Barcelona-born, was a Spanish Catalan ceramicist, sculptor, and painter. Miró often despised and spoke against conventional painting techniques as a way of upholding bourgeois values. Earning international fame, his art has been seen as Surrealism, a manifestation of Catalan pride, a re-creation of the childlike, and a sandbox for the subconscious mind. Learn more »

Paintings by Joan Miró in Chronological Order

The Farmer, c.1914 Portrait of a Young Girl, c.1915 Still Life with Rose, 1916
Ciurana, the Path, 1917 North South, 1917 Portrait of E.C. Ricart, 1917
Portrait of V. Nubiola, 1917 Prades, the Village, 1917 Self-Portrait, 1917
House with Palm Tree, 1918 Portrait of Hiberto Casany. (The Chauffeur), 1918 Portrait of Juanita Obrador, 1918
Still Life with Coffee Mill, 1918 The Vegetable Garden with Donkey, 1918 The Waggon Tracks, 1918
Mont-roig Vineyards and Olive Tree, 1919 Portrait of a Spanish Dancer, 1919 Self-Portrait, 1919
Horse, Pipe and Red Flower, 1920 The Table (Still Life with Rabbit), 1920 Flowers and Butterfly, 1920
The Farm, 1922 The Carbide Lamp, 1923 The Ear of Corn, 1923
The Farmer’s Wife, 1923 Bottle of Vine, 1924 Catalan Landscape (The Hunter), 1924
Catalan Peasant with a Guitar, c.1924 Hermitage, 1924 Maternity, 1924
The Hunter, 1924 The Tilled Field, 1924 Bathing Woman, 1925
Dancer, 1925 Harlequin’s Carnival, 1925 Head of a Catalan Peasant (2), 1925
Landscape, 1925 Photo; This is the Color of My Dreams, 1925 Siesta, 1925
Stars in Snails’ Sexes, 1925 The Birth of the World, 1925 Dog Barking-at the Moon, 1926
Nude, 1926 Person Throwing a Stone at a Bird, 1926 Landscape (The Hare), 1927
Landscape with Snake, 1927 Painting, 1927 The Circus House, 1927
Tirador in the Arc, 1927 Dutch Interior, 1928 Dutch Interior I, 1928
Dutch Interior II, 1928 Portrait of Mrs Mills in 1750 (after Constable), 1929 Cap d’home, 1932
Composition, 1933 Drawing-Collage with a Hat, 1933 Painting, 1933
Painting, 1933 Character, 1534 Swallow,Love, 1934
Head of a Man, 1935 Rope and People I, 1935 Three gifts, 1935
Figures in Front of a Metamorphosis, 1936 Man and Woman in Front of a Pile of Excrement, 1936 Metamorphose, 1936
Aidez l’Espagne (Help Spain), 1937 Still Life with Old Shoe, 1937 A Star Caresses the Breasts of a Negro Woman, 1938
Portrait II, 1938 Seated Woman II, 1938 A Dew Drop Falling from a Bird’s Wing Wakes Rosalie, who Has Been Asleep in the Shadow of a Spider’s Web, 1939
The Escape Ladder, 1939 Constellation: The Morning Star, 1940 Figure at Night Guided by the Phosphorescent Tracks of Snails, 1940
The Nightingale’s Song at Midnight and the Morning Rain, 1940 The Poetess, 1940 Ciphers and Constellations, in Love with a Woman, 1941
Constellation Awakening at Dawn, 1941 Woman Encircled by the Flight of a Bird, 1941 Painting, 1943
The Bull Fight, 1945 Women and Birds at Sunrise, 1946 Figures and Dog in Front of the Sun, 1949
Woman and Bird in the Moonlight, 1949 Painting, 1950 Woman in Front of the Sun, 1950
Dragonfly with Red-Tipped Wing in Pursuit of a Surpent Spiralling Toward a Comet, 1951 Ladders Cross the Blue Sky in a Wheel of Fire, 1953 Series I, 1953
The Smile of the Flamboyant Wings, 1953 The Red Disk, 1960 Blue II, 1961
Message from a Friend, 1964 Femme III, 1965 Painting I, 1965
Bird’s Flight in Moonlight, 1967 The Gold of the Azure, 1967 The Lark’s Wing, Encircled with Golden Blue, Rejoins the Heart of the Poppy Sleeping on a Diamond-Studded Meadow, 1967
The Song of the Vowels, 1967 Batement II, 1968 Catalan Peasant in the Moonlight, 1968
Fascinating Personage, 1968 Hair Pursued by 2 Planets, 1968 Poema I, 1968
The Birth of Day, 1968 The Flight of the dragonfly in Front of the Sun, 1968 May, 1973
Big Carpet, 1974 Woman before the luna, 1974 Woman in front of the sun I, 1974
Donna (Wall), 1977 Carota, c.1978 A Courtyard Scene, ?
Bouquet of Flowers, ? Snail Woman Flower Star, ? Self-Portrait I, ?

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