Jean-Leon Gerome Paintings

Jean-Leon Gerome (1824-1904) was an important French painter and sculptor of the academic tradition in the 19th century. His works covered a wide breadth of subjects, including history, Greek mythology, Orientalism, and portraiture. He was very well received and respected during his lifetime. Towards the end of his career he lost popularity due to the rise of Impressionism, however, he taught many students who would later become respected artists in their own right. Some of his students included Mary Cassatt, Thomas Eakins, Hosui Yamamoto, Odilon Redon, among others.

Paintings by Jean-Leon Gerome in Chronological Order:

The Tryst, c.1840 The Tryst, c.1844 Young Greeks Encouraging Cocks to Fight, 1846
The Virgin the Infant Jesus and St. John, 1848 Portrait of Marianne Elisa Birch, 1849 The Bacchante, 1853
A Soul Taken away by an Angel, 1853 Thebes Colosseums, Memnon and Sesostris (study), 1856 Egyptian Recruits Crossing the Desert, 1857
The Dead Caesar, c.1859 The Draught Players, 1859 The Duel after the Masquerade, 1859
Diogenes, 1860 Louis XIV and Moliere, 1862 General Bonaparte with his Military Staff in Egypt, 1863
General Bonaparte with his Military Staff in Egypt, 1863 The Dance of the Almeh, 1863, YEAR Albanian Warrior, 1864
Prayer in Cairo, 1865 Slave Market, c.1866 Jerusalem, 1867
The Death of Caesar, 1867 Black Bashi Bazouk, c.1868 Napoleon in Egypt, 1867-1868
Pelt Merchant of Cairo, 1869 The Carpet Merchant of Cairo, c.1869 The Snake Charmer, c.1870
Pollice Verso, 1872 Arab Girl with Waterpipe, 1873 Eminence Grise – François Leclerc du Tremblay (detail), 1873
Reception of Le Grand Condé at Versailles, 1878 A Muezzin Calling from the Top of a Minaret the Faithful to Prayer, 1879 Bashi-Bazouk Chieftain, 1881
Cave Canem, 1881 Arnaut Blowing Smoke at the Nose of His Dog, 1882 Egyptian Water Carrier, c.1882
The Tulip Folly, 1882 The Christian Martyr’s Last Prayer, 1883 Cleopatra and Caesar, 1886
Self-Portrait, 1886 The Carpet Merchant, 1887 Lion Snapping at a Butterfly, 1889
Working in Marble, or The Artist Sculpting Tanagra, 1890 The Pain, 1891 Painting Breathes Life into Sculpture, 1893
Sarah Bernhardt, c.1895 Summer Afternoon on a Lake, c.1895 Whirling Dervishes, c.1895
Entry of the Christ in Jerusalem, 1897 Frederick the GreatxFrederick the Great, 1899 Moses on Mount Sinai, 1895-1900
Mufti Reading in His Prayer Stool, c.1900 Souvenir of Achéres, 1903 A Café in Cairo
A Collaboration A Harem A Roman Slave Market
A Woman in a Veil Amédée Thierry Amehs Playing Chess in a Café
An Arab and His Dog An Arab Caravan outside a Fortified Town, Egypt Anacreon
Arab Encampment Arms Dealer in Cairo Arnauts of Cairo at the Gate of Bab-el-Nasr
Bacchus and Anacreon love Bashi-Bazouk Singing Bisharin Warrior
Bust of Paul Reclus Caesar Crossing the Rubicon Dancer with Tambourine
Dante (He Hath Seen Well) Excursion of the Harem Gérôme executing the Gladiators
Greek youths who are being converted to Islam – Young Greeks at the Mosque Harem Women Feeding Pigeons in a Courtyard Heads of the Rebel Beys
Interior of a Mosque Julius Caesar and Staff Leaving the Mosque
Lion Louis XIII Madeleine Juliette Gerome and Her Dolls
Michelangelo Napoleon III, Eugenie and their Son for Adoption Siamese Ambassadors (detail) Pho Xai
Pifferari Polyphemus Portrait of a Lady
Portrait of a Lady Portrait of a Lady2 Portrait of a Roman Woman
Portrait of a Young Boy Portrait of Eduoard Delessert Portrait of Mille Durand
Portrait of Mr. Leblond Prayer at the Mausoleum for Sultan Qayut Prayer in the House of an Arnaut Chief
Prayer in the Mosque Selene Sketch for the Excursion of the Harem
Socrates seeking Alcibiades in the House of Aspasia Solomon’s Wall, Jerusalem Study of a Dog
Sword Dancer The Age of Augustus the Birth of Christ The Almeh with Pipe
The Call to Prayer The Colossus of Memnon The Day of Judgement
The Duc de la Rochefoucauld-Doudeauville The Entry of the Bull The Field of Rest Cemetary of the Green Mosque
The Flight into Egypt The Gladiators The Grief of the Pasha
The Guard The Negro Master of the Hounds The Picador
The Prisoner The Pyrrhic Dance The Reception of Siamese Ambassadors by Emperor Napoleon III (1808-73) at the Palace of Fontainebleau, 27 June 1861
The Republic The Shrine of Imam Hussein The Snake Charmer
The Syrian Shepherd The Terrace of the Seraglio Tiger on the Watch
Treading out the Grain in Egypt Turkish Bashi Bazouk Mercenaries Playing Chess in a Market Place Veiled Circassian Lady
View of Baalbek View of Cairo View of Paestum
Waiting for an Audience Woman of Constantinople Womanof Cairo at Her Door

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