Jean-Honore Fragonard Paintings

Jean-Honore Fragonard (1732–1806) was a French painter best known for his contributions to the Rococo movement. His use of vibrant colors and themes of hedonism were very popular with the upper class, however, the onset of the French Revolution forced him into hiding and most of his private patrons were either exiled or killed. One of Fragonard’s most well known paintings, The Swing, is considered to be one of the best paintings from the Rococo era.

Paintings by Jean-Honore Fragonard in Chronological Order:

The See saw, 1750 The Shepherdess, c.1750-1752 Psyche showing her sisters her gifts from Cupid, 1753
The Musical Contest, c.1754-1755 The Storm, c.1759 The Prize of a Kiss, 1760
The Laundresses, c.1756-1761 Rinaldo in the garden of the palace of Armida, c.1763 The Small Park, c.1762-1763
Coresus at Callirhoe, 1765 The Happy Lovers, 1760-1765 The Cradle, 1761-1765
The Watering Place, 1763-1765 The Swing, 1767 Inspiration, 1769
Portrait of François Henri d`Harcourt, c.1769 - Jean-Honore Fragonard
Marie Madeleine Guimard, c.1769, YEAR Portrait of Denis Diderot, c.1769 Portrait of François Henri d`Harcourt, c.1769
Portrait of Monsieur de la Breteche, brother of the Abbot of Saint Non, 1769 Jean Claude Richard, Abbot of Saint Non, 1769 The Music Lesson, c.1769
The Warrior, c.1769 Girl with a Dog, c.1770, YEAR Self-portrait, c.1760-1770
Blind Man’s Bluff, 1769-1770 The Confession of Love, 1771 Young Woman Playing with a Dog, 1765-1772
Castle Nègrepeliss, c.1773 - Jean-Honore Fragonard
Castle Nègrepeliss, c.1773 The Progress of Love The Pursuit, 1773 The Adoration of the Shepherds, c.1775
Visit to the nurse, c.1775 Blind man’s buff, 1773-1776 The little sultan, 1772-1776
A Young Girl Reading, c.1776 A Young Scholar, c.1775-1778 The Bolt, c.1778
The Souvenir, 1775-1778 To the Genius of Franklin, c.1778 A Boy as Pierrot, c.1780
Education is All, c.1780 The Love Letter, c.1770-c.1780 Portrait of Elisabeth Sophie Constance de Lowendhal, 1775-1785
The Fountain of Love, c.1785 The Stolen Kiss, 1788 Girl with a Marmot, 1770-1790
At the stove Aurore Burn my shirt
Cupid Between The Roses Francois the Ist in the studio of Rosso Pasha
Portrait of a Young Artist, presumed to be Jacques Andre Naigeon Psyche and Her Two Sisters Rest on the Flight into Egypt
Self-portrait Self-portrait The Good Mother
The Progress of Love The Reader The Sermon of Love
The beginnings of model The fight unnecessary Two sisters
Two heads danger