Jean Georges Vibert Paintings

Jehan Georges Vibert (September 30, 1840 – July 28, 1902) was a French academic painter. Learn more »

Paintings by Jean Georges Vibert in Chronological Order

Young Girl Arranging Flowers, 1862 The Convent Choir, 1865 The Departure of the Newlyweds, 1873
A State Secret, 1875 At the Corrida, 1875 The Missionary”s Adventures, 1883
The Distraction, 1888 The Marvelous Sauce, 1890 The Sick Doctor, 1892
The Duet, 1897 Francois Guizot (after a painting by Paul Delaroche) A Grand White Enuch Watching Doves
An Afternoon Libation Cardinal, Reading a Letter Eureka
Gulliver The primers Preparations for the Procession
Reading Rabelais Scramble for the Lunch The Bullfighters Adoring Crowd
The Fortune Teller The Preening Peacock The Reprimand
The Serenade The Thespians A scandal
Why he does not come? Bishop visits The Wrath of the Bishop
Chatting by the Fountain A Plate Of Cakes A Fine Point
Autumn Flowers Tea for the Bishop The Church In Danger