Jean Fouquet Paintings

Jean Fouquet (1420–1481) was a French painter best known for his panel paintings, illuminated manuscripts, and portrait miniatures. He was one of the first French artists to travel to Italy and experience the early Italian Renaissance first hand. Fouquet was a highly respected artist during his lifetime and served under the French Monarchy as peintre du roy (Court Painter).

Paintings by Jean Fouquet in Chronological Order:

Portrait of the Ferrara Court Jester Gonella, c.1442 Enthronement of the Virgin or, The Trinity in its Glory, c.1445 Martyrdom of St. Andrew before the Proconsul Egeas, c.1445
Martyrdom of St. Apollonia, c.1445 Portrait of Charles VII, King of France, c.1445 The Annunciation, c.1445
The Coronation of the Virgin, c.1445 The Martyrdom of St. James the Great, c.1445 Virgin and Child, c.1445
Self-Portrait, c.1450 Etienne Chevalier with St. Stephen, c.1454 Marriage of Charles IV and Marie of Luxembourg, c.1455
Medallion, c.1455 The Ascension of the Holy Spirit, 1455 Arrival of the Emperor Charles IV in front of Saint Denis, 1455-1460
Back in England Isabella of France, 1455-1460 Banquet Given by Charles V (1338-80) in Hhonour of His Uncle Emperor Charles IV (1316-78) in 1378, 1455-1460 Battle of Fontenoy-en-Puisaye in 841, c.1460
Cases of noble men and women, c.1460, YEAR Charity of St. Martin, 1452-1460 Charlemagne Builder, 1455-1460
Charles V gives the sword of constable to Bertrand du Guesclin, 1455-1460 Conviction and punishment supporters of Amaury de Chartres, 1455-1460 Coronation of Charlemagne, 1455-1460
Coronation of Charles VI in 1380 in Reims, 1455-1460 Coronation of Lothair, 1455-1460 Coronation of Louis the Pious, 1455-1460
Coronation of Louis VI, 1455-1460 Coronation of Louis VIII and Blanche of Castile at Reims, 1455-1460 Coronation of Pepin the Short in Laon, 1455-1460
Coronation of Philippe Auguste, 1455-1460 David Prayers, 1452-1460 Death of Bertrand du-Guesclin, 1455-1460
Death of William Longsword, 1455-1460 Descent of the Holy Ghost upon the Faithful, 1452-1460 Division of the kingdom of Clotaire, 1455-1460
Entry of Charles V in Paris, 1455-1460 Entry of Emperor Charles IV in Cambrai, 1455-1460 Entry of Jean Le Bon in Paris, 1455-1460
Hours of Vaucé, c.1460 - Jean Fouquet
Etienne Chevalier (1410-74) and his Patron Paying Homage to the Virgin and Child, 1452-1460 Hours of Vaucé, c.1460 Hugh Capet seized the fortresses of Artois, 1455-1460
John on Patmos, 1452-1460 King Clothar II (584-629) cannot bring back his son Dagobert I (605-39) to Paris, c.1460 Philippe de Valois appointed regent, 1455-1460
Portrait of a Papal Legate, 1451-1460 Portrait of Guillaume Jouvenel des Ursins, the Chancellor of Charles VII, c.1460 Preaching the First Crusade at Clermont, 1455-1460
Robert the Pious Files an Antiphon, 1455-1460 St. Jacques appears to Charlemagne, 1455-1460 Taken in Tours in 1189, 1455-1460
The Arrival of Charles V (1337-80) in Paris, 28th May 1364, c.1460 The Crucifixion, 1452-1460 The Death of Bertrand du Geusclin (c.1320-80) at Chateauneuf-de-Randon, 1455-1460
The Dormition of the Virgin, 1452-1460 The Emperor Charlemagne Finds Roland’s Corpse after the Battle of Roncevaux, c.1460 The Emperor Charles IV and the dignitaries of Paris, 1455-1460
The Funeral of the Virgin, 1452-1460 The Life of Louis II (846-79) ‘The Stammerer’, c.1460 Theodoric victory over the Danes, 1455-1460
Tribute of Edward III to Philip, 1455-1460 Victory of Henry I on his brother Robert, 1455-1460 Victory of Louis III and Carloman on the Normans, 1455-1460
Wars of Charlemagne, 1455-1460 The Annunciation dove, 1460-1465 Battle between the Maccabees and the Bacchides, c.1470
Building of the Temple of Jerusalem, c.1470, YEAR David Learning of the Death of Saul, c.1470 Desecration of the Temple of Jerusalem in 63 BC by Pompey and his soldiers, c.1470
Louis XI chairing a chapter, 1469-1470 Louis XI chairs the chapter of Saint Michel, 1470 Battle of Gilboa Flavius Josephus, 1470-1475
Capture of Jerusalem by Ptolemy Soter, 1470-1475 Portrait of Man with hat, 1475 Triumph of Jehoshaphat over Adad of Assyria, 1470-1475
Pieta, 1470-1480 A re-imagination of Louis III and Carloman’s 879 victory over the vikings Banquet of Charles V the Wise
Battle of Jericho Boccaccio’s De Casibus writing. A courier delivering Luvrs to Mainardo dei Cavalcanti Boccaccio Carrying the Cross
Clovis II Conversation Between St. Gontran and St. Childebert II Coronation of Louis VI
Crusaders Arrived in Constantinople. Battle Between the French and Turks in 1147 and 1148 Decameron Emperor Cyrus the Great of Persia, who permitted the Hebrews to return to the Holy Land and rebuild God
Entry of Louis VII (c.1120-80) King of France and Conrad III (1093-1152) King of Germany into Constantinople during the Crusades, 1147-49 Funerals Guerre entre Girard de Cazaubon et le comte de Foix. Reddition de Roger Bernard III
Job and his False Comforters Livius der Sorbonne Maria of Brabants coronation in the Sainte Chapelle of Paris
Mary holding the Christ child Pentecost Portrait of Pope Eugene IV
Saint Bernard Saint Paul Sainte Anne and the three Maries
Sainte Marguerite and Olibrius, also known as Marguerite Keeping Sheep Simon De Varie Kneeling In Prayer St. Francis Receiving the Stigmata
St. Michael slaying the dragon Tapestry of the winged deers The Adoration of the Magi
Virgin And Child Enthroned