Jean Fautrier Paintings

Jean Fautrier (1898–1964) was a French artist best known for his contributions to Tachisme, a French style of abstract painting that was mainly seen throughout the 1940s and 1950s. He studied at various schools, all of which he found to be disappointing. Fautrier had his first solo show in Paris in 1924 and continued to produce art until his death.

Paintings by Jean Fautrier in Chronological Order:

Artichaut, 1926 Fleures noires, 1926 Le grand sanglier noir, 1926
Les glaciers, 1926 Nature morte aux oignons, 1926 Le lilas blanc, 1927
Bouquet, 1928 Nature morte aux poires, 1928 Head of a Hostage, 1934
Large Tragic Head, 1942 La Juive, 1943 Otage, 1943
Untitled, 1943 Tête d’otage No. 14 (Head of a Hostage No. 14), 1944 Dépouille, 1945
Oradour-sur-Glane, 1945 Visage violet, 1947 Monsieur Tarabuste, 1948
Petite boîte carée, 1955 Terre D’Espagne, 1956 Composition, 1958
Green Seas, 1958 It’s How You Feel, 1958 Carré de couleurs, 1960
Composition, 1960 Composition, 1961 Le Maquis, 1964
Abstraction Angles des couleurs Circle line
Composition Composition Fruit
Nus oradour Tête de profil Untitled