Jean Dubuffet Artwork

Jean Philippe Arthur Dubuffet (July 31, 1901 – May 12, 1985) was a French sculptor and painter. When it comes to aesthetics, he embraces “low art” and disregards traditional standards of beauty in favor of an approach that he believes is more humanistic and authentic to making art. Learn more »

Artwork by Jean Dubuffet in Chronological Order

Portrait of Armand Salacrou, 1917 Landscape of Algeria, 1919 Portrait de Georges Limbour, 1920
Fear, 1924 Lecciones Botanica, 1924-1925 Two female heads in profile, 1934
Double self-portrait in a bowler hat, 1936 Lili (masque), 1936 Subway, 1943
View of Paris, small business, 1944 Madame Mouche, 1945 Léautaud sorcerer Redskin, 1946
Apartment Houses, Paris, 1946 It flute on the bump, 1947 Grand Maitre of the Outsider, 1947
Arab camel saddled, 1948 Arab palm trees, 1947-1948 Bedouin on a donkey, 1948
The Blue Bird, 1949 The teddy bear, 1950 Moonrise in ghosts, 1951
Bright meteor, 1952 Table corail, 1953 Madame J’ordonne, 1954
The beautiful horned, 1954 Traveler in rich soil, 1954 The Cow With The Subtle Nose, 1954
Earth’s mantle, 1958 I live in a country laughing, 1958 Barbe anger, 1959
Soul of the Underground, 1959 Life without the man III, 1960 Restaurant rougeot I, 1961
Rue de l’Entourloupe, 1963 Comings and goings, 1965 l’Hourloupe, 1966
Tea VII, 1967 The Auditor, 1967 The Cosmorama IV, 1970
Nini the Smirker (Minaude), 1973 Site to the man sitting, 1974 Successful campaign, 1975
Comments, 1978 Times and places, 1979 Site visited, 1981
Site with four characters, 1981 Scenic triplex, 1982 Mire G21, 1983
Episode, 1984 Monument with Standing Beast, 1984 Activation XLVII, 1985
Smoking Cherries The low hours Weaver’s vision

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