Jean Arp Paintings

Jean Arp, a.k.a. Hans Arp (September 16, 1886 – June 7, 1966) was a German-French abstract artist and Dadaist who became known for his paintings, sculptures, and poetry.

When Arp spoke in German, he would refer to himself  as “Hans,” and when he spoke in French, he referred to himself as “Jean”. This was due to him being born in Strasbourg which was located in an area once known as Alsace-Lorraine. The territory of Alsace-Lorraine often shifted between German and French ownership; after World War I French law demanded that Hans change his name to “Jean”.

Paintings by Jean Arp in Chronological Order

Before My Birth, 1914 Geometric Forms, 1914 Relief, Clock, 1914
Abstract Composition , 1915 Automatic Drawing, 1916 Geometric Collage, 1916
Squares or Rectangles Arranged According to Laws of Change, 1917 Terrestrial Forest Form, 1917 Collage with Squares Arranged According to the Laws of Chance, 1917
Illustration for Tristan Tzara”s “Vingt-cinq poèmes”, 1918 Illustration for Tristan Tzara”s “Vingt-cinq poèmes”(1), 1918 Illustration for Tristan Tzara”s “Vingt-cinq poèmes”(2), 1918
Illustration for Tristan Tzara”s “Vingt-cinq poèmes”(3), 1918 Illustration for Tristan Tzara”s “Vingt-cinq poèmes”(4), 1918 Illustration for Tristan Tzara”s “Vingt-cinq poèmes”(5), 1918
Illustration for Tristan Tzara”s “Vingt-cinq poèmes”(6), 1918 Illustration for Tristan Tzara”s “Vingt-cinq poèmes”(7), 1918 Birds in Aquarium, 1920
Leafage and Drops, 1920 Shirt Front and Fork, 1922 Dance, 1925
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Head with Mustache, 1926 Tete Paysage, 1924-1926 Configuration, 1927
Constellation with 5 White Forms & 2 Black, 1932 Mustache Hat, 1932 Human Concretion, 1933
Human Concretion(1), 1935 The Dream, 1937 Constellations, 1938
Growth, 1938 Evocation of a Form: Human, Lunar, Spectral, 1950 Untitled, 1953
Abstract Composition, Knossos, 1956 Idole, 1961 Rising Up (S”elevant), 1962
The Sun Recircled, 1966 The Sun Recircled(1), 1966 Christ on the Cross II
Constellation Enak”s Tears. Terrestrial Forms Frond and Navel
Hasard Hitler Man, Mustache, Navel
Moondancer Еgg Board Cloud Shepherd
Overturned Blue Shoe with Two Heels under a Black Vault Not Far from the Sun, the Moon and the Stars Sun
The Elements: Leaf Transformed into a Torso The Star Torso Preadamite

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