January 2nd Events & Birthdays

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1892 – At just 15 years old, Annie Moore became the first person to go through Ellis Island, the United States’ first federal center for immigration.

1927 – Catholic rebels throughout Mexico began a rebellion against the nation’s government because they were angry about the anti-clerical regulations in the Mexican Constitution of 1917.

1941 – “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” was one of the iconic songs recorded during World Andrews-Sisters-2War II and it was recorded by the Andrew Sisters on this date.

1959 – The Soviet Union launched Luna 1, which was the first spacecraft to get near the moon and orbit around the sun.

1968 – Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro announced that sugar and petroleum would be rationed for the Cuban people.

1974 55-mph-2In the midst of an OPEC embargo President Nixon signed a bill that reduced the maximum speed limit to 55 mph on U.S. freeways. This was designed to help drivers conserve fuel during the embargo.

1981 – Peter Sutcliffe, a British serial killer also known as the “Yorkshire Ripper,” was arrestead in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, following one of the most intense investigations in Britain’s history.

1983 – Garry Trudeau’s iconic comic strip – “Doonesbury” – ended its multi-year run in more than 720 newspapers across the country. It returned about 18 months later.

1983 Annie-Musical-2Following more than 2375 performances at the Uris Theatre on Broadway, the hit musical “Annie” did its final act.

1993 – The navy in Sri Lanka killed between 35 and 100 civilians on a lagoon in the northern part of the country.

Famous Birthdays

1727 Isaac-Asimov3James Wolfe, British army officer in the 1700s
1909 – Barry Goldwater, U.S. Senator and 1964 presidential nominee
1920 – Isaac Asimov, bestselling science-fiction author (The Naked Sun, The Gods Themselves)
1940 – Jim Bakker, televangelist, minister, TV show host
1943 Jack-Hanna-smBarış Manço, Turkish rock singer, composer, and television producer
1947 – Jack Hanna, American zookeeper, Director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
1968 – Cuba Gooding, Jr., Academy Award-winning American actor (Jerry Maguire, Men of Honor)
1969 – Tommy Morrison, American heavyweight boxer, former WBO champion
1983 Trombone-Shorty-smKate Bosworth, American actress (Blue Crush, Beyond the Sea, Wonderland)
1986 – Troy Andrews, aka Trombone Shorty, New Orleans jazz musician